Tuesday, January 1, 2008

FAQ 14 - What are the resources being provided with this project?

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14. What are the resources being provided with this project?

The forum for this project is at tenthdimension.com/forum
The most recent post to this blog is at tenthdimension.com/blog
The main address for this project is tenthdimension.com
The text only version of the animation is available at tenthdimension.com/textonly.php
The original animation can be viewed, downloaded, or embedded from revver.com
A page that links to the animation directly, and provides links to other content is here.
An annotated version of the animation with lots of video blog links is here on YouTube.
There's a continuously playlist of project related videos at tenthdimension.tv.
You can click here and here to read two short free-verse poems that sum this project up.
Click here for a blog entry listing hundreds of words and phrases that can be entered that bring up links related to this project as the top response (this list is, of course, a snapshot in time since google's responses change on an ongoing basis).
You can hear all 26 songs Rob created for this project here, which also connects you to discussions of how these songs fit it into this way of visualizing reality.
An archive listing and discussing the polls from the tenth dimension blog is found here.

This project is based upon a book by Rob Bryanton, "Imagining the Tenth Dimension - a new way of thinking about time and space".
You can search through the book using Google Book Search, or using Amazon.com's Search Inside This Book.
A summary of the chapters and their content can be found here.
A summary of reviews for the book can be found here, and more can be found here.
A pdf of the review of the book by Tom Huston of What is Enlightenment? magazine can be donwnloaded here, or viewed at the What Is Enlightenment? site here.

There are 26 songs associated with this project. Videos for those songs, as well as numerous video blogs by Rob Bryanton can viewed at Rob's channel on Youtube.
These songs, and others by Rob Bryanton, can also be purchased at amiestreet.com
The book, a high quality version of the animation in flash and quicktime, and the songs are all available for download under a Creative Commons license at tenthdimension.com/digital
Also available there are the book in Audiobook format, as well as a downloadable pdf.
Hard cover and soft cover versions of the book as well as Tenth Dimension T-shirts are available here.
Gevin Giorbran's wonderful book Everything Forever is also available at the store.
These books are also available for purchase through your local Amazon and other online booksellers.
The followup to Imagining the Tenth Dimension is called "O is for Omniverse", go to omniverse.tv for more about this exciting new project.

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