Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Omniverse Almanac and the Federal Reserve

About ten days ago I published an entry about The Omniverse Almanac, and the website where you can read an excerpt from this new trilogy. This is the vlog for that post again, this video is hosted at

A direct link to the above video is at

I got a good chuckle when I went to the above revver link and saw the comment a visitor called "Dreamworker" had posted there:

According to The Omniverse Almanac, Stephen Hawking is actually one of the few very cool people inhabiting this planet, along with Johnny Depp, Steven Splielberg, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Angelina Jolie, Harrison Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Rob Bryanton, Bruce Willis, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss, Ridley Scott, Tim Burton, Riccardo Mariti, Tom Cruise, Laurence Dale and the Dalai Lama....

Woh, that's quite a list, isn't it!

Here's something else I'd like you to look at now.
If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn't be any money.
- Marriner Eccles, Governor of the Federal Reserve, 1941
Over at the tenth dimension forum last week, one of our regular contributors, "Millsley" posted a link to this new two hour movie, "Zeitgeist: Addendum". I watched the first 45 minutes, which shows a thought-provoking explanation for our world's current financial crisis, and the above quote which appears in the movie sums the situation up in a way that I've never seen it explained before. I wrote back to Millsley saying "thanks for the scary movie". What I was then surprised to discover is the second hour of the movie makes lots of suggestions for ways of getting out of the mess we find our world to be in, and some of the ideas in this movie's second half seem very connected to the Imagining the Tenth Dimension way of viewing things. While the movie does come down hard on organized religion near the end of the video, ultimately it says something I agree with: that there are truths at the core of the world's religions which have value, and that many of the problems with organized religion have arisen from greed and ego, and not from those core values. Please consider watching this movie in its entirety, and see whether you come away with the same hopeful feeling I did.

A direct link to the above video is at

And finally, last week I told you about how I'm now responsible for Gevin Giorbran's book Everything Forever following his death, and showed you a free sample of the opening three chapters. Now, I've also posted the opening 3 chapters of my own book at the same site,

To view this pdf file in its own window on your browser, click on

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

P.S. - Today, October 9th 2008 would have been John Lennon's 68th birthday. The next three entries have Beatles lyrics for their titles, starting off with "I Know You, You Know Me".

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