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Gravity and Entrainment

A direct link to the above video is at

A direct link to the above video is at

Regular readers of my blog will know that I was interviewed by Kelly Howell for her popular show Theatre of the Mind a few weeks ago. If you haven't listened to the show yet, I've posted all 53 minutes to YouTube now, and the video is posted above if you want to give it a listen.

Kelly's company, Brain Sync, specializes in self-help recordings, which use a form of bio-feedback known as brainwave entrainment to enhance their effectiveness. Here's some of what I said about entrainment in my book:

This effect was first noted in 1665 by Dutch scientist Christian Huygens, who (amongst numerous other innovations) invented the pendulum clock. He made the surprising discovery that his clocks tend to fall into exact synchrony when placed close to each other. The effect disappears if the clocks are at right angles to each other or are separated by more than six feet. He found that when they are side by side, within an hour or so the pendulums will have begun to swing in exact opposition to each other, like two hands clapping, and will tend to stay in sync thereafter. After some mystification, Huygens proved that this mysterious effect was the result of tiny vibrations being communicated from one clock to the other through the wood beams the clocks were hanging from, or the surface the clocks were sitting on.

Entrainment is used in “brain machines” which use flashing lights and/or rhythmic sound to influence brainwave patterns: the process of entrainment will cause the subject’s brainwave patterns to be influenced, drawing the mind into states that are more desired. Entrainment of brain waves is not always a desired effect though. One of the most famous examples of entrainment with negative results occurred in Japan on December 16 1997, when a particularly extreme sequence of flashing visual effects in an episode of the cartoon series “Pokemon” triggered seizures in children across the country, sending 600 to the hospital. The impact of the effect was probably heightened by the Japanese culture’s tendency towards smaller rooms and larger televisions, so when the flashing effects occurred a substantial portion of a stricken child’s field of vision was probably filled, causing the disruption of brainwave patterns into undesired patterns to be that much more intense.
Entrainment can occur in two ways, then. In one the "source" and the "target" become phase aligned - when the wave is "positive" in one, it's the same in the other. With the other the polarity is reversed: when the wave is "positive" in the source, it's "negative" in the target, and vice versa. This is what Christopher Huygens encountered with his clock pendulums - they moved into perfect synchrony, but in opposing polarity.

Does the polarity being reversed matter? Depends upon your point of view, your frame of reference. Here are two images of audio waveforms. If I listen to the first waveform, I will hear a a very short recording of a violin note. The second waveform may look quite different to our eye, but to our ears it would be indistinguishable from the first: it's the same recording, but with reversed polarity.

Still, it's worth noting that if those two waveforms were mixed together at equal volume, the result would be silence: they would cancel each other out, much the same way as we keep describing how the "outside the system" that occurs both before and after our universe could contain all those potential waveforms and patterns of the omniverse, but by itself appear as nothingness.

On the other hand, let's suppose that these two waveforms were tracking two opposing political ideologies over centuries rather than the few milliseconds of violin they actually represent: we could see that when one waveform is near the top the other is near the other extreme, while at the times when one waveform is near the center so is the other.

How does entrainment tie in with gravity? Let's return to the idea that physicists tell us gravity is the only force which exerts itself across the extra dimensions. If two waveforms are near each other in frequency, thinking of them from "outside" of spacetime allows us to visualize how one could be attracted to another, or end up in an "opposing" orbit as we would see with the above two waveforms that move in opposition to one another. In Three Becomes One, we looked at such dualities and their implications in more detail.

With some forms of entrainment, both patterns are attracted to a mid-point - with the Huygens pendulum clocks, one clock might slow down slightly while the other speeds up slightly until both are aligned. In the case of a brainwave entrainment recording, the brain must align itself with the pre-recorded sound - it becomes the "receiver" while the recording has the role of "transmitter". In my book I took these concepts out into more metaphysical discussions:
People who pray for the health of another, or who promise to send “positive vibes” towards their fellow human beings could really be exacting change through their role as quantum observers. All of us are both transmitters and receivers for these vibrations, though clearly some of us have much stronger capacities in one ability over the other. In physics, this process is known as “entrainment”, where vibrations from one source can cause other vibrating entities to fall into step with them. Charismatic speakers who can sway a room with their words are clearly transmitting something strong which we could say bends the consensus reality of that group towards a new fifth-dimensional path. And some people are able to transmit feelings and auras without saying a word, whether that be good or bad. Have you found that just being in the same room as a certain person makes you feel edgy, or depressed? Perhaps, then, you are a person who is more of a receiver than a transmitter, and therefore the spiritual vibrations of others are more likely to affect you. Some strongly gifted receivers use their empathetic skills to become doctors, health care professionals, even psychics or healers. Some of these concepts are explored in the Steven Strogatz book "Sync".
Last time, with Gravity and Free Will, we looked at the intricate connections between choice and chance as we navigate through Everett's Many Worlds. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, then this concept of entrainment obviously ties into all this as well - if a desired pattern or vibration already exists within timelessness, there should be ways of using gravity and entrainment to align ourselves with that pattern. We're going to look at some ideas related to this discussion next time with Holodynamics.

To close, here's a video for one of the 26 songs I wrote for this project. This one is sung by my old buddy Ron Scott, and it's called "Positive Vibes".

A direct link to the above video is at

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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