Friday, September 24, 2010

Cymatics, Gravity, and Light

A direct link to the above video is at

A direct link to the above video is at

The above recently launched YouTube video is for a blog entry published in March called Strength of Gravity, Speed of Light. You'll notice an animated graphic in the background of the second half of this video, which demonstrates concepts we touched very briefly on in a blog entry from February called More Slices of Reality: Chladni Plates and Cymatics. Here's the Cymatics video which part of the above video's background is based upon:

A direct link to the above video is at

Last time, in Light Has No Speed, we looked at a presentation made by physicist and author Peter Russell. In it, he showed how, from light's perspective, it's not part of our space-time:

"From light's point of view there is no space, no time, no mass. Light does not exist within the world of spacetime and matter."
In Strength of Gravity, Speed of Light, we looked at a new theory by Dr. Erik Verlinde of the University of Amsterdam, who suggests that gravity is something that naturally arises from our position within the multiverse landscape, in the same way that the quality of "liquidity" naturally arises from water. Many theoretical physicists have said that gravity is the only force which exerts itself across the extra dimensions, and Dr. Verlinde's theory suggests a reason for this to be so.

Rolling these concepts from Dr. Verlinde and Dr. Russell together presents us with further ways of connecting to the ideas discussed in my above video. If both gravity and light are "outside" of our spacetime, then our reality is produced by the interference patterns created as a result of gravity and light pushing against one another. Our beautiful, chaotic, fractal world is like a much more highly detailed version of the Cymatics patterns we're looking at above: our universe is the shadow of an extra-dimensional hologram, created (as all holograms are) through constructive interference to reveal the reality each of us are observing right here, and right now.

How cool is that?

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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