Thursday, October 29, 2009

O is for Omniverse - Introduction

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be showing you some pages from my new book, O is for Omniverse. Here's what I say, and then what Marilyn E. Robertson says, by way of a foreword to the book.

First me:

In July 2006, I published my first book, “Imagining the Tenth Dimension”, and was surprised to see an immediate and enthusiastic response from around the world. As I write this in September 2009, the book’s website has now seen five million unique visitors, and the 11 minute animation showing the ideas from chapter one of my book has been seen by millions of people at streaming video sites like youtube and revver, and translated into ten languages (so far).

This is the followup to that project. “O is for Omniverse” distills the big picture ideas I’ve been playing with still further, into a book that I hope you will enjoy pondering again and again. When I came across the work of graphic artist Marilyn E. Robertson, I was immediately taken with the depth and inventiveness of her imagery, and asked her to think about providing some illustrations for the poems I had created. She surprised me by adding some additional explanatory text to her illustrations, and in the process of refining that text this book has become very much an equal collaboration of give and take between the two of us.

This is a book to stir the imagination, to expand the mind, to fire up the sense of wonder. It hints at a great many modern scientific discoveries, and like my first book it explores the meeting ground between physics and philosophy. In the last three years I have created a huge volume of supporting information at and , which I do hope you will find useful if you want to explore the ideas from O is for Omniverse further.

And from Marilyn:

When Rob asked whether I would be interested in doing some illustrations for a book he wanted to write, I said I was, and looked forward with anticipation to receiving the draft of the verse he was working on. I was familiar with his “Imagining the Tenth Dimension” website and videos, so had a general idea what the subject would be, but when the text arrived, my first thought was “Wow – how does one illustrate these ideas!” So I dove into massive amounts of research on the thoughts, theories and people Rob referred to, making short notes along the way to keep the ideas cemented securely in my brain whilst working up illustrations.

Those short personal notes were expanded on by Rob, and the complimentary text you see throughout the book is the result of those musings. In the spirit of the book, I began to see my art work in a different way, seeing that everything had an underlying connection of color and rhythm – of information and patterns – and the borders between drawing, painting and photography began to dissolve.

It has been an enjoyable, enlightening and challenging journey for me, and I invite you, the reader, to allow the book to assist you in your own personal journey.

And here's the first of Marilyn's beautiful illustrations inside the book:
Go to if you want to know more. And enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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