Thursday, August 16, 2012

Discovery Channel on Rob Bryanton

Check it out! There's a new article posted at Discovery Channel News online, written by Trace Dominguez, praising my latest video:

Thanks for your support, Trace! What you see below is just a screen grab, which of course means none of the links are functional. For that, follow the hot link above to the Discovery Channel website, and let's now watch the fun unfold in the comments section as a new crop of naysayers argue it out with the people like Trace Dominguez who understand the usefulness of this visualization tool. As I've always said, this is not as an explanation of the math behind string theory, but it is a way for the human mind to catch a glimpse of something extremely vast, something that some will tell you is unimaginable: ten spatial dimensions, each one orthogonal to another.

Enjoy the journey! Rob Bryanton

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