Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top Ten Tenth Dimension Blogs - July Report

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Based upon number of views, here are the top blogs for the last thirty days. As always, the number in brackets is the entry's position in the previous month's report.

1. Three Becomes One (5)
2. Love and Gravity (new)
3. Are Bees More Sixth-Dimensional? (new)
4. Just Six Things (new)
5. Rift (new)
6. Video - Rob on Bigfish Radio (new)
7. The Fifth Dimension is Spooky - YouTube (new)
8. Seeing Time, Feeling Colors, Tasting Light - YouTube (new)
9. Polish Subtitles - You Can't Get There From Here (new)
10. New Animation - What's Around the Corner? (new)

And as of July 26th, 2010, here are the twenty-six Imagining the Tenth Dimension blog entries that have attracted the most visits of all time. Items marked in bold are new or have risen since last month.

1. Jumping Jesus (1)
2. What's Around the Corner? (2)
3. Mandelbulbs (4)
4. Creativity and the Quantum Universe (3)
5. An Expanding 4D Sphere (5)
6. Just Six Things: The I Ching (6)
7. Roger Ebert on Quantum Reincarnation (7)
8. Poll 44 - The Biocentric Universe Theory (9)
9. Augmented Reality (8)
10. The 5th-Dimensional Camera Project (new)
11. How to Time Travel (15)
12. Poll 43 - Is the Multiverse Real? (12)
13. The Holographic Universe (10)
14. Alien Mathematics (13)
15. Seeing Time, Feeling Colors, Tasting Light (14)
16. Slices of Reality (11)
17. When's a Knot Not a Knot? (16)
18. Our Universe Within the Omniverse (new)
19. The Quantum Solution to Time's Arrow (17)
20. Dancing on the Timeline (23)
21. Monkeys Love Metallica (18)
22. Consciousness in Frames per Second (20)

23. Beer and Miracles (19)
24. The Big Bang is an Illusion (21)
25. Poll 46 - Big Bang an Illusion? (22)
26. Poll 54 - Is Time Moving Faster? (25)

Which means that these worthy submissions are leaving our top 26 of all time list this month:

Norway's Reverse Deja Vu (24)
Urban Garden Magazine (26)

By the way, if you're new to this project, you might want to check out the Tenth Dimension FAQ, as it provides a road map to a lot of the discussions and different materials that have been created for this project. If you are interested in the 26 songs attached to this project, this blog shows a video for each of the songs and provides more links with lyrics and discussion. The Annotated Tenth Dimension Video provides another cornucopia of discussion topics to be connected to over at YouTube. And as always, here's a reminder that the Tenth Dimension Forum is a good place to converse with other people about these ideas.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Ringing in the Brain, Making Connections

A direct link to the above video is at

Last week, in Viendo el tiempo, Sintiendo los Colores, Saboreando la luz, I mentioned what a great feeling it is when new connections are being made to like-minded individuals around the world. The Spanish subtitles created for my recent video blog by YouTube user EmpoweredByKnowledge are a great example of that.

Now, here's another new video blog for your enjoyment. The text blog version of Ringing in the Brain was published last October, I'm still pretty far behind here but trust me, I'm trying to get these more caught up to each other as quickly as I can.

Rather than quote YouTube comments this time, I wanted to thank a reader named Tara who contacted me with questions about Carl Jung and his concept of the Collective Unconscious, and also about Nikola Tesla, where she provided this fascinating quote from the wikipedia entry about his life:

Tesla engaged in reading many works, memorizing complete books, supposedly having a photographic memory.[21] Tesla related in his autobiography that he experienced detailed moments of inspiration. During his early life, Tesla was stricken with illness time and time again. He suffered a peculiar affliction in which blinding flashes of light would appear before his eyes, often accompanied by visions. Much of the time the visions were linked to a word or idea he might have come across, at other times they would provide the solution to a particular problem he had been encountering; just by hearing the name of an item, he would be able to envision it in realistic detail. Modern-day synesthetes report similar symptoms. Tesla would visualise an invention in his mind with extreme precision, including all dimensions, before moving to the construction stage; a technique sometimes known as picture thinking. He typically did not make drawings by hand, instead just conceiving all ideas with his mind. Tesla also often had flashbacks to events that had happened previously in his life; these began during his childhood.[21]
In entries like Seeing Time, Feeling Colors, Tasting Light and Crossed Wires in the Brain, we've talked not just about synaesthesia, but also explored how the implicit connections within these conditions might be helping to reveal other things about how intimately connected reality and consciousness really are. In the same vein, Adam, who's a YouTube fan calling themselves "virulentRant", asked me about a condition I'd never come across before: ever hear of Exploding Head Syndrome? Here's a quote from the wikipedia article on that condition:

This noise usually occurs within an hour or two of falling asleep, but is not necessarily the result of a dream and can happen while awake as well.[1] While the sound is perceived as extremely loud, it is usually not accompanied by pain. Attacks appear to change in number over time, with several attacks occurring in a space of days or weeks followed by months of remission. Sufferers often feel a sense of fear and anxiety after an attack, accompanied by elevated heart rate. Attacks are also often accompanied by perceived flashes of light (when perceived on their own, known as a "visual sleep start") or difficulty in breathing. The condition is also known as "auditory sleep starts". It is not thought to be dangerous,[1] although it is sometimes distressing to experience. Sufferers may experience an inability to vocalize any sound, or mild forms of sleep paralysis during an attack.
Which leads me to another interesting contact I recently received from a new Facebook friend who suffers from Sleep Paralysis and is participating in a study at the University of Waterloo: "SPAWN, the Waterloo Sleep Paralysis and Waking Nightmare Study". Check out the link, this was a whole other field I'd never heard of before but which seems to be an interesting tangent to all of the above discussions.

Don't you love those times when it seems like things are coming together, and the synchronicites are firing, and you're in the Flow? Me too. That's what seems to have happened in the past few weeks since my new Ringing in the Brain video was released.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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Sunday, July 25, 2010


A direct link to the above movie is at

Did you know that Godzilla's name in the original 1954 release was Gojira? If you did, then you're probably one of this movie monster's big fans.

It seems the release of the Godzilla t-shirt for which Talking Dog created the Augmented Reality has stirred up some questions - in fact, I just received a list of them from Masahiro Wakahisa of the blog TokyoStateofMind. Masahiro (Matt) is an artist from New Jersey, and an avid Godzilla fan - elsewhere on the net he has already declared an Oath that he is going to use his talents to end up in the closing credits of Legendary Pictures' 2012 production of Godzilla. It's good to dream big, that's how you make things happen!

Here's his list of questions and and my responses:

Masahiro: I must say you definitely stirred things up in Fanboy land. This is like the Holy Grail of Godzilla news at the moment. Thank you for the opportunity. Here are some questions. There have been various sources stating that this shirt of yours is a hoax and some saying that it is legitimate. Can you start off by telling us the truth? Is this shirt an official promotional item for Legendary Pictures' upcoming feature "Gojira"?

Rob: Yes. Yes it is.
How did Legendary go about contacting Talking Dog Studios in taking on this project?
If possible, can you please give us a short summary of the creation of this project.
Our blog entry Talking Dog Makes Hollywood Connection touched on this, but I can give you a little more detail here. We've been creating flash-based Augmented Reality projects since the beginning of 2009, so we have a lot of tools in our chest now, so to speak. There still really aren't many companies like ours out here doing creative Augmented Reality projects, so when Larry Monte of California’s Corporate Images went out on the net looking for somebody to implement an augmented reality t-shirt, he liked our work and hired us. Larry had a clear idea right from the start of what he wanted the Augmented Reality presentation to do, and as soon as our first demo was shown to Legendary Pictures everyone was very enthusiastic about it.
What was your reaction when Legendary called upon Talking Dog to help promote Gojira?
I was eight years old when King Kong vs. Godzilla came out, definitely one of my fondest childhood memories was watching that film up on the big screen! My friends and I couldn't stop talking about it. Over the years I've collected every Godzilla movie I've been able to find - so of course it was a huge thrill to know we could be a part of this re-launch of the franchise.
How is an effect like this achieved?
Why such a sneaky, silent release?
Interesting question. I'm sure Legendary Pictures would rather answer that one. I don't think it's so much that they were being sneaky as they are only in the very first stages of production, so it's not like they could show us all clips from the movie or anything yet.
Will there be future updates on the film?
No question.
Will there be another run/printing of these shirts?
No idea. They're giving them away free at Comic-Con, but we don't know if they plan to sell them from the Legendary Pictures website in the future or whatever. I would say right now that if you were lucky enough to get one, hang on to it because it's a collector's item!
Did you expect the reception you received?
So far all the feedback we've received has been very positive, people really like being able to shoot Godzilla's "atomic breath" out of their chests, and the way the smoke rises into the air afterwards.
Will there be future collaborations involving Gojira that you can tell us about?
We certainly hope so!
Who designed the Godzilla art featured?
The design was supplied to us by artist Jim Zubkavich of Udon Comics, working in consultation with Michael Jenson of Legendary Pictures who was our main contact at the studio.
Is the logo featured on the back of the shirt the logo for the film?
Could be. Don't know.
Are the sound effects utilized in the project from Legendary Pictures or your own source material?
At Talking Dog Studios we also do music and sound for films and television shows. We created the overall sound design for what's heard in the presentation, but of course you can hear there is a modified version of the original Toho Company Godzilla vocalization that's layered in there.
Are there Godzilla fans over at Talking Dog?
What are your expectations of the film? Should the fans have high hopes for the film?
Look at Legendary Pictures. They have given us some of the coolest films that have come out in the last while: Inception, Where the Wild Things Are, 300, Watchmen, the list goes on and on. I think there's every reason to expect a great film when you see the Legendary Pictures name attached to a project!
What are your thoughts on the future of Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality is going to be such a part of our lives that we won't even think about it. It will be similar to what's already happening with people who have grown so used to using the dual touch screen on an iPhone/iPod/iPad - it's disappointing to them when they sit down at a screen and the can't just push, pinch, and pull the data around on their screen. Augmented Reality will be the same - it will become completely expected that no matter what device you're using there will be AR types of interaction available: and particularly since all the gaming platforms have Augmented Reality interfaces in development, and all of the smart phones on the market now have AR, this is not just speculation... really it's already a done deal.
Is there any chance I could get a shirt? (I had to throw that one in there)
Sorry, that would have to come from Legendary Pictures.
Thanks, I hope these questions aren't a hassle and I appreciate any answers you give. Thank you very much once again.


No problem! And I wish you every success, thanks for the questions!

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Viendo el tiempo, Sintiendo los Colores, Saboreando la luz

A direct link to the above video is at

I'd like to thank YouTube user "EmpoweredByKnowledge" for volunteering to translate this video to Spanish and create the subtitles. Check out their channel:

For a discussion of the English version of this video:

And the original blog this video comes from is here:

It's always thrilling to watch these ideas percolate out into the world, and to see other people taking the time to create additional layers as we're seeing here. Thank you, EmpoweredByKnowledge!

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Do I even have to tell you all the reasons I love this incredible stop-motion animation? Check it out!

A direct link to the above video is at

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Animation - What's Around the Corner?

A direct link to the above video is at

After having released well over three hundred videos on YouTube, I'd say the above vlog entry comes closest to re-creating the graphic approach to visualizing the dimensions of my original Imagining the Tenth Dimension animation. As we celebrate the fourth anniversary of the launching of my project this month it does seem like an interesting idea to return to that style once again. Fans of the original animation will note that I didn't add sound effects, and that is certainly one thing I wrestled with creatively - the first video has been viewed millions of times on sites like revver and YouTube, but it has also had some people saying they found the sound effects distracting: so this time around I'm showing some of the same or conceptually similar graphics from the original, but with voiceover only. If you're among the contingent who loved the original version's sound effects and feel like they're missing this time around, please feel free to make them yourself as you watch along! :)

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton


Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Fifth Dimension is Spooky - YouTube

A direct link to the above video is at

As part of our celebration of the four year anniversary of Imagining the Tenth Dimension this month, we've been looking at some of the new videos posted at youtube and the comments being made there by people interested in the project. Last time we looked at the video for Seeing Time, Feeling Colors, Tasting Light. Now, here's some of the comments which were posted in the first few days after the above video for The Fifth Dimension is Spooky went up:

Wow.. I think I am having a flashback. Your background is reminiscent of some your older videos. There are now three areas of biology that can be explained by Quantum Entanglement. Photosynthesis, Avian navigation and mechanism that holds DNA together. They are all documented in reputable scientific journals (Nature I think).

"now" is the 5th dimension ?
@kamalmichael Right. Watch "The 5th Dimensional Camera Project" for one of my most recent videos about how my idea how that our "now" is a continually evolving point in the fifth dimension, being observed one planck frame after another is starting to gain some acceptance within mainstream science.


gotta love Rob Bryanton... he has definitely reshaped my view of the universe.

Hello Rob, I'm wondering what you might think about out of body experiences, I think that obe's are the only way we can experience the other dimensions, lower and higher. I myself have had some out of body experiences and I know its real, though it still might be to controversial for mainstream science. I think if humanity would know for a fact that this really is occurring to people, much good would come from it.

@eVentyrBoost Hi eVentyrBoost, I don't have a video made for them yet but if you google OBE Bryanton the top couple of links that come up appear to be my blog entries called "Entangled Awareness and OBEs" and "Entangled Neurons". Check them out and see what you think!
Thanks for writing,

i wish my cat could understand me, i would explain this stuff to her. i bet she could grasp it better than most humans :D

buddha would be pleased; everything is connected to everything else via the 5th dimension?

YES!!!! a 10 minute video... you talking is like a brain massage, Rob. Thank You

For some reason when I try to come up with a reason of why information can transfer faster than light. I think maybe we only observe the particles to be entangled and sending information, but in actuality they're in superposition and that there really isn't a transfer at all.

i know why i subscribed to this channel
everytime i watch a video from you a part of my mind blows up and reforms itself into new :)

science will soon prove that science is primitive and that we need to mentally focus on nature so our minds can travel to these dimensions to understand what our physical bodies cannot experience ..our mind is the key

Rob, you are awesome!

Hey, what can I say, it's always nice to hear a compliment! And I'm so glad to see all the people out there who are using these videos as an opportunity to think more deeply about the nature of reality.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

Next time we'll look at a new animation for one of my most popular blog entries of all time: What's Around the Corner?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seeing Time, Feeling Colors, Tasting Light - YouTube

A direct link to the above video is at

Seeing Time, Feeling Colors, Tasting Light was a blog post published last September, but I only recently got around to publishing a video blog version of that entry. This video provoked some interesting discussion over at YouTube, here's some comments people posted during the first couple of days after the video was published. Some are thought-provoking, some are critical, and some are humorous. My favorite humorous one was from nebbit1, who offered me this bit of fashion advice:

You would look awesome with an afro.
Haha, while this does remind me about the "body perm" I wore for a few years back in the late seventies I don't think I want to go back to that particular look, but thanks for the input! :)

I'm including the links back to the commenters' YouTube channels just for interest's sake. Thank you everyone for your passionate participation in the journey over at YouTube.

Great video.  A bit spooky at first, and no soul talk for me please. So much here is wonderful. Consciousness, language, and observer interrelation is so wonderful!

I'm a synasthesia junkie, and so I love any thoughts on it....
Can't buy the soul talk here. Still, this was a formidable line of thought.

machio kaku says there are dinosaurs are walking in our living room, like different parallel universes are all around you, i wonder if the guy in this video believes in what he talks about.

I saw sound after eating a bunch of mushrooms. I also got stuck in a time loop for about 10 minutes. that was a bit scary.

When you say that the 4th dimension of (presumably) the universe is possibly spatial rather than temporal, what do you mean by spatial? Do you mean distance-space or some other kind of space? I personally do NOT think that spatial dimensions as we know them are fundamental dimensions of reality, but are dimensions of EXTENSION only. It all depends on what you want to mean by "dimension".

Reality is Perception.

if you end up seeing w/your tongue what happens when you make out w/someone? or even eat for that matter.

A lot of PostModern stuff here but good video nonetheless.

Take amanitas mushrooms. You can taste your words, see your feelings, feel what you hear, hear what your friends feel..... it is amazing.

It seems that no matter what the scientific evidence points to, some will not accept it, even with scientific evidence. Not that they can't intellectually wrap their brain around it; they don't want to, because it blows all of their mental constructs out the water. It is just that which prevents them from direct experience of the dimensions of which you speak.

Great Vid.
And 'yes' We literally create our reality.
All experience results from the decoding of information, therefore all experience results from, and takes place within the self. Sound, for instance, does not exist, but rather it is just information we're designed to decode. And it is the decoding of that information that creates the experience of sound. There is no objective reality.
Physics is ultimately the study of the process of perceiving reality and not reality itself.

Yes, with the work the late Terence McKenna did with psilocybin of magic mushrooms, along with my own experiences before I knew of McKenna, I can agree with him that psilocybin, and various pyschoactive psychedelics unfilter the signals the brain receives, and leads the mind through a very, very, interesting "trip" to decipher these new feelings, emotions, experiences, as the entirety begins to meld thoughts, ideas, concepts, together with the sensory systems et al. I've never been the same...

I think that in order to "see" time, we need to see more than one frame(Planck) of time. Just like each eye having a different side or dimension of the same moment. We are watching a movie in our mind, and it has taste, smell, sounds, and feelings. And we call a frame of this movie a moment. just like when we blur our eyes affects the image we get, so is capturing two plancks and compare them at the same time.

This video reminds me of something that i thought about a while ago. What if all sees color differently. For example: I can see what I am thinking is blue, since I have been taught that the color is blue, but for an other person the blue I see looks red, but he has learn that color is blue. That is really weird when you think an other person may see grass in the color red, but he has learned that color is named green. Because we have always seen the grass it like that, it would be weird for us.

It is interesting how people tend to believe that others view, smell, taste, think, and feel the same way they do. I know that I have. Well, until I met my husband. He is red/green colorblind, so I knew that we didn't see colors the same. The thing is, it's hard to see what he sees, even when he describes it to me. That goes to show that as we are interacting with others we can only see it from our perspective. They are seeing a whole other world before them. My thoughts anyway.

Lots of interesting tangents to think about. As usual, my own lack of experience with psychedelics takes me by surprise when I see the multiple "mushrooms" comments above, I wasn't aware that synaesthesia experiences were more tied to those particular substances. But hey, I learn something new every day, and that's what being alive is all about!

Next time we'll look at another video I recently posted: "The Fifth Dimension is Spooky - YouTube".

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

Friday, July 9, 2010

Polish Subtitles - You Can't Get There From Here

A direct link to the above video is at

I've talked before about Marcin Mały, who teaches English for Information Technology at the Technical University of Cracow, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Poland. Marcin supervised this new Polish translation by student Grzegorz Grybisz of an entry from my video blog that goes all the way back December 2007: "You Can't Get There From Here". Marcin has some other translations coming from some of his other students in the next while, I'm so grateful to him and his team for taking on this task and helping to introduce other people around the world to my "new way of thinking about time and space".

Next time, we're going to talk about the enthusiastic viewers over at YouTube who have made my channel there such a success - I'm currently at well over three million total views of my videos on YouTube, and the channel has well over 11,000 subscribers. I see a constant stream of comments from viewers there on the different videos - so next time we're going to look at some of the comments posted on my new video for Seeing Time, Feeling Colors, Tasting Light at YouTube.

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

Monday, July 5, 2010


(above graphic is from

Last time, we went on a creative flight of fancy where we equated Love with Extra-Dimensional Gravity. As blog entries in this series go, it went out on a limb where not everyone might have been willing to follow, but I'm grateful to see how many people liked that particular entry and took the time to tell me so. At the end of that entry I mentioned that July 3 2006 was the day that the internet first discovered Imagining the Tenth Dimension, so this month we're celebrating four years of creative explorations of the nature of reality. This time around, I'd like to talk about a video game demo created by one of the fans of Imagining the Tenth Dimension, but before I do I'd like to quote a paragraph from my book, this is from the chapter on "The Paradoxes of Time Travel":
Here’s a completely shameless and self-serving proposition: “Imagining the Tenth Dimension” should be required reading for any writers planning on creating a story about time travel. The basic concepts from chapter one give a framework for how time can be manipulated, or moved within, and there are many ideas within the chapters that follow which could be excellent jumping off points for new fiction. Whether anyone chooses to play by these rules will, of course, be up to them (and Audrey Niffenegger would be an example of someone who probably would have chosen not to follow this book’s line of reasoning even if she had been shown it). Nonetheless, there could well be moments within the telling of a new time travel story where this book’s ideas could provide some useful input.
Time travel is, of course, only one aspect of what we're talking about with this project - the parallel universes of Everett's Many Worlds, the multiverse landscape of string theory and cosmology, the 'spooky' world of quantum mechanics, and the information patterns that connect us all together in ways unseen are all part of this way of visualizing where our reality comes from.

A couple of weeks ago I received the following email from Blake Maloof:
Dear Rob,

I've been watching your videos for a few years now, and they have been very inspiring in the way that I perceive my existence and the universe. I just recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in game design. For my final project I gathered a team to develop a prototype for a game I have been designing called Rift. The story involves beings from a parallel dimension experimenting with trans-dimensional manipulation. An experiment goes terribly wrong and ruptures the fabric of reality, causing dimensions in that location in space to bleed together and overlap. One of the affected dimensions was our own, located outside the house of a young boy. The player takes the role of this boy as he witnesses his home begin to collapse and reality as he knows it begin to merge with other dimensions.

I love the theories you propose as a way of imagining the complex universe we live in, but they are possibly even more fascinating as the basis for fiction. Your theories provide a scientific/philosophical explanation for travel and interaction across not only the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions well explored by movies like Back to the Future, but travel across the 7th 8th and 9th dimensions where initial conditions differ from our own and therefore have different laws of physics.

I would love to talk with you about ways that your theories can be explored in games. I believe that along with 3 dimensional diagrams explaining travel across the higher dimensions, allowing players to interact with these concepts could help them better visualize the concepts of the higher dimensions which we can not directly observe.
If you check out Blake's website, you'll see that he's a talented artist and has some interesting game designs already in the works. By all means, Blake, I wish you every success and would be happy to stay in touch as your work progresses. Here's a trailer for the game Blake and his team at the college put together, which went on to win Best Digital Game Prototype and Best of Show in Savannah College of Art and Design's annual Entellechy game design awards: "Rift".

A direct link to the above video is at

Four years ago, people around the world began embracing my "new way of thinking about time and space", and now talented individuals like Blake Maloof are incorporating these ideas into their own creative projects. Am I enjoying the journey? Absolutely!


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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love and Gravity

A direct link to the above video is at

The universe loves you.

Your body's natural inclination is to want to heal, to want to thrive.

There are forces outside of our reality which are trying to move us towards a better future.

New age ideas? Sure. Today, let's talk about how the force of gravity and Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics could be giving us clues to how the above ideas make sense.

In my book and this blog, we've talked about the fact that physicists tell us gravity is the only force that exerts itself across the extra dimensions.

The only force. Seems like a pretty significant statement, doesn't it?

In Einstein's description of the universe, gravity is pictured as a bending of our 4D spacetime. Objects like stars bend the fabric more than you or I, and objects that are nearer to each other are more influenced by gravitational attraction than objects that are far away from each other.

But as we've discussed in entries like What's Around the Corner, the concept of "far away" takes on a whole different nature when we're talking about extra dimensions: and now that scientists at Oxford are giving support to my idea of the fifth dimension being our probability space (with The 5th Dimensional Camera Project), these ideas are moving closer to the mainstream.

The image to the right, familiar to fans of this project as coming from the original eleven minute animation, is a simple depiction of a person's fifth dimensional probability space. Chance, choice and the actions of others move us along what we think of as our 4D line of time, but we're actually twisting and turning in the dimensions above. At the quantum level, random outcomes are happening continuously, one planck frame after another, and most of those balance each other out to the point of being inconsequential at the macro level. But every time a more significant event occurs, or someone consciously chooses one path over another, all those random quantum outcomes come along for the ride as we branch off into a new 5D path. In Entangled Neurons, we looked at a fascinating new theory which connects to this: for each of us, our memories are created by these fifth-dimensional branches and cusps.

In entries like You Have a Shape and a Trajectory, we've looked at how some outcomes are more likely than others for each of us based upon our current lifepath, or "world line" as some physicists prefer to say. But what happens when we incorporate gravity into this image? If we think of the parts of our probability space that are more likely to happen, then we can start to see how the fifth dimension would be much like the general relativity image (above) of the sun - there would be a central mass of the most probable past and futures, and the fifth-dimensional fabric of reality would be warped somewhat by the gravity of those more likely versions of our universe which, as Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation tells us, are not mere theoretical constructs, but just as real as the reality you and I are currently observing.

So let's look at our three "New Age"-y statements within the context of the above ideas.

The Universe Loves You
Ultimately (as Einstein and a number of the other great minds of the twentieth century have said), the distinction between past, present, and future is meaningless. This means that our universe's basic physical laws and locked-in fine structure constant have already created a set of versions of the universe that are each part of its wavefunction of all possible outcomes. From our spacetime perspective, this means that the version of our universe that lasts the longest already exists, while the version of the universe where some science experiment goes wrong tomorrow and destroys all matter is a much tinier part of that fabric. Which version exerts more gravity? Why, the one that has greater mass within the fifth dimension. The low probability science-gone-wrong scenario may exist, but it's not the one with the greater mass because it soon ceases to be part of our 5D spacetime tree, so to speak. In that sense, the universe that lasts the longest is the one that is drawing us forward just through the weight of its existence within Everett's Many Worlds.

Your body's natural inclination is to want to heal, to want to thrive.
Likewise, the version of you or I that dies tomorrow in a car accident must exist, but exerts very little influence compared to the versions that continue. With this project, we've talked a lot about addiction and negative loops, and how so many self-help systems work because they rely only upon a person's willingness to embrace the better version of themselves that already exists. Are you doing things to yourself that you know are keeping you from getting to the healthiest, happiest version of you? Then stop! It really is that simple, you just have to say to yourself "now is the time that I make the change" and the rest can follow. Meditation, positive visualization techniques, drinking more water, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, getting more exercise - changes like these allow you to tap into the better version of you that already exists, and the science of epigenetics confirms that these changes are real right down to the way our DNA is expressed, and what DNA patterns we pass on to our offspring.

There are forces outside of our reality which are trying to move us towards a better future.
There are information patterns within the multiverse landscape of extra dimensions that have selected our unique universe from out of the omniverse of all possible universes. In God 2.0, we looked at the work of Stuart Kauffman, founding director of the Institute for Biocomplexity and Informatics at the University of Calgary, who has written a book called "Reinventing the Sacred" which finds ways to blend these ideas of science and spirituality together. Even well-known debunker Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic Magazine, is willing to accept this "God 2.0" concept as a definition of what created our universe!

Does a force that moves you towards the best possible version of you, that forgives your mistakes and embraces your potential sound like a description of love? Does a selection pattern that has already created a version of the universe and a version of you that grows and thrives sound like the description of a benevolent "God 2.0"? If you see this as a possibility, then you are on your way to accepting that love and extra-dimensional gravity are two ways of describing the same thing.

In blog entries like Holograms and Quanta, Strength of Gravity, Speed of Light, and Gravity and Free Will, we've looked at an interesting new theory saying that gravitons (a theoretical particle which has never been observed) don't exist, and that the unique value for the strength of gravity we're experiencing here arises as a natural outcome of our position within the multiverse landscape. With today's entry, we could translate this to say that the amount of love in our universe is also something that just is, and that moving to other parts of the multiverse landscape would move you to other universes where the amount of love was lesser or greater than what we find ourselves to have in our own universe.

Can there be too much gravity? Absolutely. A universe with too much gravity would collapse back in on itself, and interesting structures couldn't be formed. Can there be too much love? Perhaps the same logic applies. Our universe has enough love to want the universe to thrive and continue, but not so much love that it removes our freedom and suffocates us.

Gravity and Love
In Gravity and Entrainment, we talked about how another New Age idea, the Law of Attraction, can also be tied into these discussions. The idea of equating love with gravity came up during my interview with Kerrace Alexander, which we posted a video for a few weeks ago. I've reposted the video again here, this time with it set to start playing from the moment where the topic came up in our interview.

A direct link to the above video is at

If gravity and love are two ways of describing the same thing, then love is the only force that exerts itself across the extra dimensions. Does that thought put a smile on your face? It does for me.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

PS Happy fourth anniversary! On July 3rd 2006 this project suddenly became popular on the internet. The animation that started it all has been viewed millions of times on video sites like youtube and revver, and the tenth dimension website has now seen six million unique visitors and over 80 million hits. I am grateful to all the fans of this project from around the world who continue to be drawn to this exploration of the nature of reality. Next time we're going to talk about one of those fans.

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