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Seeing Time, Feeling Colors, Tasting Light - YouTube

A direct link to the above video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAxWs7noSKg

Seeing Time, Feeling Colors, Tasting Light was a blog post published last September, but I only recently got around to publishing a video blog version of that entry. This video provoked some interesting discussion over at YouTube, here's some comments people posted during the first couple of days after the video was published. Some are thought-provoking, some are critical, and some are humorous. My favorite humorous one was from nebbit1, who offered me this bit of fashion advice:

You would look awesome with an afro.
Haha, while this does remind me about the "body perm" I wore for a few years back in the late seventies I don't think I want to go back to that particular look, but thanks for the input! :)

I'm including the links back to the commenters' YouTube channels just for interest's sake. Thank you everyone for your passionate participation in the journey over at YouTube.

Great video.  A bit spooky at first, and no soul talk for me please. So much here is wonderful. Consciousness, language, and observer interrelation is so wonderful!

I'm a synasthesia junkie, and so I love any thoughts on it....
Can't buy the soul talk here. Still, this was a formidable line of thought.

machio kaku says there are dinosaurs are walking in our living room, like different parallel universes are all around you, i wonder if the guy in this video believes in what he talks about.

I saw sound after eating a bunch of mushrooms. I also got stuck in a time loop for about 10 minutes. that was a bit scary.

When you say that the 4th dimension of (presumably) the universe is possibly spatial rather than temporal, what do you mean by spatial? Do you mean distance-space or some other kind of space? I personally do NOT think that spatial dimensions as we know them are fundamental dimensions of reality, but are dimensions of EXTENSION only. It all depends on what you want to mean by "dimension".

Reality is Perception.

if you end up seeing w/your tongue what happens when you make out w/someone? or even eat for that matter.

A lot of PostModern stuff here but good video nonetheless.

Take amanitas mushrooms. You can taste your words, see your feelings, feel what you hear, hear what your friends feel..... it is amazing.

It seems that no matter what the scientific evidence points to, some will not accept it, even with scientific evidence. Not that they can't intellectually wrap their brain around it; they don't want to, because it blows all of their mental constructs out the water. It is just that which prevents them from direct experience of the dimensions of which you speak.

Great Vid.
And 'yes' We literally create our reality.
All experience results from the decoding of information, therefore all experience results from, and takes place within the self. Sound, for instance, does not exist, but rather it is just information we're designed to decode. And it is the decoding of that information that creates the experience of sound. There is no objective reality.
Physics is ultimately the study of the process of perceiving reality and not reality itself.

Yes, with the work the late Terence McKenna did with psilocybin of magic mushrooms, along with my own experiences before I knew of McKenna, I can agree with him that psilocybin, and various pyschoactive psychedelics unfilter the signals the brain receives, and leads the mind through a very, very, interesting "trip" to decipher these new feelings, emotions, experiences, as the entirety begins to meld thoughts, ideas, concepts, together with the sensory systems et al. I've never been the same...

I think that in order to "see" time, we need to see more than one frame(Planck) of time. Just like each eye having a different side or dimension of the same moment. We are watching a movie in our mind, and it has taste, smell, sounds, and feelings. And we call a frame of this movie a moment. just like when we blur our eyes affects the image we get, so is capturing two plancks and compare them at the same time.

This video reminds me of something that i thought about a while ago. What if all sees color differently. For example: I can see what I am thinking is blue, since I have been taught that the color is blue, but for an other person the blue I see looks red, but he has learn that color is blue. That is really weird when you think an other person may see grass in the color red, but he has learned that color is named green. Because we have always seen the grass it like that, it would be weird for us.

It is interesting how people tend to believe that others view, smell, taste, think, and feel the same way they do. I know that I have. Well, until I met my husband. He is red/green colorblind, so I knew that we didn't see colors the same. The thing is, it's hard to see what he sees, even when he describes it to me. That goes to show that as we are interacting with others we can only see it from our perspective. They are seeing a whole other world before them. My thoughts anyway.

Lots of interesting tangents to think about. As usual, my own lack of experience with psychedelics takes me by surprise when I see the multiple "mushrooms" comments above, I wasn't aware that synaesthesia experiences were more tied to those particular substances. But hey, I learn something new every day, and that's what being alive is all about!

Next time we'll look at another video I recently posted: "The Fifth Dimension is Spooky - YouTube".

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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