Wednesday, July 24, 2019

10thdim Instagram 1-10

I've finally started posting things to Instagram, having fun coming up with slides that sum up various topics that come up in my conversations with Tenth Dimension fans. Here, for your enjoyment, are first ten attempts at Instagramming.

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1. The Big Bong Theory

2.A Meme Vortex

3. Always in the Fifth Dimension

4.  Always Just One

5.  I am U

6. We are All Together (paraphrasing John Lennon, of course)

7. The Universe Observing Itself

8. River Out of Eden

9. The Observer Effect

10. Many Worlds, Many You's

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Here are two new videos for you on the subject of Retrocausality. Does anybody have a solution for embedding videos nowadays into the automatic distribution to email subscribers of this blog? Using the embed code provided by YouTube worked well back in the day, but nowadays in the email version you just get a big ugly black box where the video should be. Suggestions?

 Retrocausality and Genes:

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Retrocausality and Poltergeists:

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Here's the thing about Retrocausality: if the distinction between past present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion, then causality and retrocausality are the same thing viewed from different perspectives, as are matter and antimatter. How about that!

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

Saturday, July 13, 2019

A Meme Vortex

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Right now a new generation of hopeful youth have been confronted with a generation in power, many who appear to be thinking only of themselves, not caring about future costs. How do those currently entering their twenties see a way out of that disaster?

The new ways of thinking about the future favored by a generation who have had the internet in their lives since birth now exist within an information space that allows them to use their extra-dimensional gravity effects to move the world towards a more desired path. Is this just New Age mumbo jumbo?

As Nobel laureate Kip Thorne has showed us in The Science of Interstellar, extra-dimensional gravity can be used to make changes happen within our observed spacetime. Understanding that ideas have gravity, have weight, have momentum, gives us an appreciation for their physicality. That physicality means ideas can be redirected to new trajectories when new ideas enter the space. This is the meme-space Richard Dawkins was imagining, in a way that is very similar to Brian Greene's description of space and time as really being out there, as really existing. Things can be pushed around in space-time, and they can be pushed around within our fifth-dimensional probability space just as readily. You see evidence of this each and every day. It's why the world is the way it is.

Richard Dawkins described the timeless whole of evolution as a River Out of Eden. Genes, memes, space, time, and probability... physics lets us see how all these things are really out there, really existing. But then Quantum Mechanics teaches us that the only thing that's provably real is Now, and everything else before and after is just clouds of probabilistic wave functions: local realism has been experimentally proven to not be a feature of our universe. And I would say Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle shows us the future couldn't possibly be written in stone, so free will is not an illusion.

Everett's Theory of the Universal Wavefunction shows how we can hold these seemingly opposing ideas in our minds at the same time. Everett's Many Worlds are really out there, really existing, and Everett insisted that there is no wavefunction collapse, there is only observation, and those other outcomes are just as real for the observers within those other versions of the universe. Everett said those other outcomes are orthogonal to the version of space-time we find ourselves to be observing. What's orthogonal to space-time? The fifth spatial dimension.

So what happens when a new way of thinking about time, space, and fifth-dimensional probability has been ingrained into a generation? Imagine this: what if every person of voting age were forced to vote? We would have true consensus. But what if only those of a certain age or demographic were to wield the power of a mandatory vote? I'm excited to see what happens if persons eighteen to twenty-five start a Meme Vortex that makes a forward-thinking change in the world.

One Meme Vortex that is starting to pick up energy right now is the guaranteed basic living wage. A flat 2% tax on all income, big or small, would allow the wealthiest to share their good fortune with the world while making too little a dent in their income to worry about for all but the most greedy. As a market and job creation stimulus this plan is without parallel, and a capitalist's dream. Suddenly the world is your customer! Suddenly every human has a bit of money in their pocket, which means they will pay each other to make things and to do things, helping them all to have a happy life. This is the AI Utopia, the Singularity, the Ascension, the Illumination: the change that is coming has many names. This is the point where everybody wakes up to see themselves in the fifth dimension, where Einstein agreed a century ago that Maxwell's infinitely scalable field equations for our reality are resolved.

Like the quantum physicists say, information equals reality. A Meme Vortex happens within information space, so it can be worldwide. In the physical world, a meme vortex spreads through human contact and social media sharing, so the way a group are connected together can create spiderwebs of physical connections: those are the engines that spin up our tropical meme storm into a hurricane. And if we are thinking of North America, then the Vortex that is spinning around this part of the world has its geographic center at Winnipeg.

Winnipeg happens to be where my son Mark is doing leading edge Machine Learning research connected to his work as a Doctor of Nuclear Medicine. Mark has constructed artificial intelligence algorithms capable of making medical predictions with astonishing accuracy, you'll be hearing more about him in the months to come I'm sure.

Imagine a world where menial tasks are only done by those who enjoy them, otherwise robotics do all the hard stuff, and the mind-numbing repetitive stuff. Imagine a future where AI takes care of our wants and needs, and everyone can pursue whatever passion they might have to learn and have new experiences. Can you imagine a time when when people might even be able to upload their consciousness, and experience other versions of their own lives within Everett's Many World? Simulation Theory has been supported by many respected scientists.

This sounds like a world at peace to me. Imagine. Would we finally be dreaming the dream of the Beatles? Love is all you need. Can you use your love for the world to help create a Meme Vortex?

Let's make things better.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Big Bong Theory

Here's another live streaming video about our Spooky Clock, this time showing how broken it is and yet it still keeps starting.

In this video I make a proposal. Like retiring a player’s number, I think a certain TV show that has just ended its 12-year record-breaking run now clearly has fair claim to the Big Bang label in the public consciousness. So to avoid confusion, from here on in I suggest we use a new name for the event that locked in our particular universe at its beginning in spacetime. Some physicists have said the initial impetus that creates our universe is like a giant cosmic bell being struck. So to avoid possible confusion, from now on let’s call it the “Big Bong Theory” instead.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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