Sunday, March 4, 2018

How's your Korean?

I've talked in this blog before about the Korean channel that posted a stolen copy of my video with my copyright notice removed and without giving me credit, and they have gotten over 2 million views. Here's a video that already has over a half million views posted by a different Korean channel which actually shows me the courtesy of posting a link to my popular "Imagining Ten Dimensions in Two Minutes" video in their video's description. This is an animation they created which shows my approach to visualizing the dimensions. I have no idea what the subtitles they've added say, but I do appreciate their willingness to at least acknowledge my work on this subject.

Any Korean speakers interested in posting a translation in the comments? Google Translate says the video is entitled "Secret Level of 11 Fits the Incoming Shot", which does bring up the fact that they continue the process to an 11th dimension in their video. With my project, I have often suggested that the 11th dimension could be the moving point that moves from position to position within the other dimensions, and this would align with the idea that "time" is a way of describing change from state to state, which I would say is the same thing: 10 spatial dimensions plus one temporal dimension could give you the 11 dimensions some cosmological systems support.

A direct link to the above video is at

Enjoy the journey!


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