Thursday, August 6, 2020

Instagram 101-110

101. When Richard Dawkins described the genes connecting us back through time to the beginning of life as a "river out of Eden", he was showing us the same timeless perspective that Einstein embraced. Superimposing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life on the human body shows how our energy starts for our physical presence at the base of the spine. Back in 1986 I wrote a song about feeling that energy, this is the opening verse: "I could feel it starting at the base of my spine, Made me sit up straight made me feel real fine, Sure opened those squinty little eyes of mine, For the very first time".

102. One of my more popular YouTube videos about Everett's Many Worlds is called "We're Already Dead (But That's Okay)". I've quoted my friend Garth on this idea before as well, his words on the subject are "I am always in the version of me that is taking the longest to die."

103. Here's my contribution towards looking for some fun when times and glum: I and four good friends ever since high school are singing a song I wrote in 1974 called "Moose Jaw Woman".
It's a love song for a fictitious woman from the not fictitious city of Moose Jaw, just a 45 minute drive up the highway. I hope you enjoy our social distancing recording, sent out with love to you all.

104. Terence McKenna described periods of increasing novelty before abrupt change. Ain't that the truth! The change is upon us.

105. My new video "Tesseract" is up on YouTube now. Thanks to @fhazalmusic for the fantastic music you'll hear in this video: the song is called "Tesseract (feat. 10thdim)" because it starts off by mutating a sample of my voice from my video "Imagining the Fourth Dimension".
Tesseract 1 -
Tesseract 2 - more explanatory text:
Instagram (vertical mode) version:

106. The seed of life and the helix show us Maxwell's infinitely scalable field equations expressed across our reality. The helix is just as big as it needs to be because of that geometry, and is often engaged with the Fibonacci spirals of nature and life.

107. When people say reality is a "hologram projected from the edge of spacetime" they are talking about the fifth dimension. Similarly, for our imaginary 2D Flatlanders, no matter where they go within their 2D plane, the third dimension would always be at the "edge" of their reality.

108. My new video on YouTube is a remix of the first song in the 26-song collection attached to my first book. I'm calling the remix "Everything Fits Together 2020".
Here it is on YouTube in horizontal mode:
And here it is on Instagram in vertical mode:
When you watch this video: you'll see that it's a visual meditation on spheres within hyperspheres within hyperspheres. Because it is equal parts circles coming towards you and circles moving away, see if you get a feeling of balance when you watch these visuals.

109. My new book is now available in Paperback and as a Kindle download from
This is the link for the American store, if you're in a different country you'll probably have to go to the nearest version of Amazon for your location - here in Canada, for instance, you can order the paperback version from

110. Everything Fits Together 2020 is my latest video on YouTube. It is primarily constructed from concentric circles, roughly half of which are always expanding, while half are condensing to a point. So rather than being something that give you weird visual after effects, I find it makes me more peaceful and focused. Try it out!

Tenth Dimension Vlog playlist