Monday, December 16, 2019

Instagram 51-60

51. If consciousness is fundamental then we are each in the mind of God, starting in a formless void and observing a universe using the bifurcations of Chaos Theory. "The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings." - Erwin Schrodinger

52.The Pythagorean tetractys is a brilliant representation of the ten dimensions. You are the fifth-dimensional point at the center, and your next available choice is always one Planck frame away, limited in six ways by the underlying constants of the universe. #westartwithapoint

53. Donnie Darko imagery was correct- if you imagine all of the water in your body condensed to a spacetime tube, you see a long undulating snake which connects from your beginning to your end, and would show future/past cusp moments quite clearly.

54. I find it fascinating that little Robbie has much the same neurons as 65-year-old Rob Bryanton.

55. Our spacetime experience of reality feels like the line at the center, but it’s actually being pulled in two dimensions at 90 degrees to create our 3D world of electricity and atoms, and everything beyond out to the Universal Wavefunction of Everett’s Many Worlds. Delightfully, all following the rules of Maxwell’s infinitely scalable field equations.

56. Back in 2006 when this project launched the end of the Mayan calendar was the big doomsday prophecy. My song The End of the World is about how there are always bad things being predicted, and in Everett’s Many Worlds there must be universes where the bad predictions came true.

57. Our spacetime experience is the line. There are two additional vectors, orthogonal to one another, creating everything about the reality we are observing. That's how electricity and magnetism work. By pulling away or pulling towards the central line from those two additional dimensions of time and imaginary time, our observed 3D reality of atoms and galaxies is created one Planck frame at a time.

58.  Love and gravity, the only force that exerts itself across the extra dimensions. Who'd have thought we'd see a Nobel in Physics laureate promoting an idea like that? Watch Interstellar for more about all that. Love and Gravity was also a blog entry of mine in 2010.

59. Like I always say, Everything Fits Together.

60. The pioneers of quantum physics insisted consciousness is fundamental. We are mostly water. How do ideas travel in the fifth dimension? Genes, Memes, and Spimes. How many times will "water" ultimately be the answer to the question we were asking? No water, no life, but Wheeler's self-excited circuit carries on. #westartwithapoint

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