Saturday, January 4, 2020

Instagram 61-70

61. Genes, Memes, and Spimes, time crystals and gravity waves. All ways of thinking about the fourth dimension in a timeless spatial way. #westartwithapoint

62. So many great minds of the 20th century insisted that free will is an illusion. That point of view works great if your life is going well, but can impart a feeling of hopelessness for those facing adversity. Think of a time in your own life where you said "hell no, that's not going to happen". The alternate outcomes still exist out there within Everett's universal wavefunction, and you got here by a combination of your free will, chance, and the actions of others.

63. "Everything that we regard as existing postulates consciousness." - Planck
"I insist that all is waves." - Schrodinger
You are the point observing Everett's universal wavefunction. This is both a mathematical and a spiritual approach to visualizing reality, whichever interests you more.

64. I would recommend all school chidren be shown Neil Turok's brilliant presentation The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything. It explains so much, and puts our place in the universe in the right perspective. Imagining how something as amazing as our universe can be generated from a point moving in spacetime to describe the 5D universal wavefunction has been my thing too, our course.

65. Becoming homeless and moving into my sister and brother-in-law's basement was my November, how was yours? I look forward to the happy tomorrow that I know is still on its way.

66. I see the multiverse concept takes some heat in a review of Sean Carroll's new book in Scientific American this month. Picturing Everett's Universal Wavefunction and all its possible outcomes as a single timeless whole still seems like the obvious connection to simulation theory, which does have huge support lately.

67. Here we are in Turok's messy middle, in much the same way David Jay Brown describes it. There is our version that lasts the longest, and through retrocausality it pulls us towards it with the changes it makes in the present, as Stephen Hawking said it could. And epigenetics shows that we can change where that future bifurcation to us not being here lies within the multiverse. It's all a lovely circle, John Wheeler's self-excited circuit, humming along at the Planck length.

68. Richard Dawkins described to us so beautifully the "River Out of Eden" that represents the genetic connection we all share back to the first chemical chain that engaged with its fifth-dimensional probability space of Everett's Many Worlds - where the equations of general relativity and electromagnetism are resolved.

69. No matter what happens, we all go together in the multiverse. I wish you all the very best for the coming year!

70. Imagine each of these triangles, starting with the "now" triangle at the base, represents our Planck frame sample rate of the third dimension. As with digital audio, the closer you get to the sample rate the less well you are able to represent the information accurately, and most actions either happen instantaneously through entanglement, or as a result of repeating waves, like the ones in motion bo our Big Bon. Notice the downward pointing arrow? That's you, observing the universal wavefunction and all the rest of our physical reality in the fifth dimension, one Planck frame after another. I've added a little blob at the top left branch of the arrow to show how consciousness is fundamental, observing point-like particles from out of a sea of waves.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Instagram 51-60

51. If consciousness is fundamental then we are each in the mind of God, starting in a formless void and observing a universe using the bifurcations of Chaos Theory. "The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings." - Erwin Schrodinger

52.The Pythagorean tetractys is a brilliant representation of the ten dimensions. You are the fifth-dimensional point at the center, and your next available choice is always one Planck frame away, limited in six ways by the underlying constants of the universe. #westartwithapoint

53. Donnie Darko imagery was correct- if you imagine all of the water in your body condensed to a spacetime tube, you see a long undulating snake which connects from your beginning to your end, and would show future/past cusp moments quite clearly.

54. I find it fascinating that little Robbie has much the same neurons as 65-year-old Rob Bryanton.

55. Our spacetime experience of reality feels like the line at the center, but it’s actually being pulled in two dimensions at 90 degrees to create our 3D world of electricity and atoms, and everything beyond out to the Universal Wavefunction of Everett’s Many Worlds. Delightfully, all following the rules of Maxwell’s infinitely scalable field equations.

56. Back in 2006 when this project launched the end of the Mayan calendar was the big doomsday prophecy. My song The End of the World is about how there are always bad things being predicted, and in Everett’s Many Worlds there must be universes where the bad predictions came true.

57. Our spacetime experience is the line. There are two additional vectors, orthogonal to one another, creating everything about the reality we are observing. That's how electricity and magnetism work. By pulling away or pulling towards the central line from those two additional dimensions of time and imaginary time, our observed 3D reality of atoms and galaxies is created one Planck frame at a time.

58.  Love and gravity, the only force that exerts itself across the extra dimensions. Who'd have thought we'd see a Nobel in Physics laureate promoting an idea like that? Watch Interstellar for more about all that. Love and Gravity was also a blog entry of mine in 2010.

59. Like I always say, Everything Fits Together.

60. The pioneers of quantum physics insisted consciousness is fundamental. We are mostly water. How do ideas travel in the fifth dimension? Genes, Memes, and Spimes. How many times will "water" ultimately be the answer to the question we were asking? No water, no life, but Wheeler's self-excited circuit carries on. #westartwithapoint

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Instagram 41-50

41. There is something radicalizaing about having an extra-dimensional view of reality. I invited my good friend John Daniels-Riveros to contribute Chapter 9 to my new book, as he has greater insights than I into the socio-political-magickal side of these discussions.

42. Retrocausality is such an interesting mind bender!

 43. We are all spreading waves. And we humans are also 50 to 75% water. Can we connect those two ideas?

44. At the third dimension, as conscious observers, we each choose our 3D Planck frames from a 5D probability space of nested tetrahedra to create our observed 4D river of time.

 45. Some people still insist the the fourth dimension is not spatial, it's only temporal. No question, we humans have a limited entropy-driven window into the fourth dimension, but time crystals demondstrate that the third and fourth dimensiona are fully spatial, and the point line plane postulate allows us to continue to use the same logic to visualize the extra dimensions beyond spacetime.

46. If consciousness is fundamental, then our observed reality is constructed in the mind. He's an eyeball twister for ya.

47. Once we realize Maxwell's infinitely scalable field equations are sampled at a rate defined by Planck's constant, you know the Nyquist frequency for the simulation we're observing.

 48. Neil Turok - an infinite number of phenomena!

49. You are a Point right at the center of the observable universe, because consciousness is fundamental.

50. Anybody out there have a lucied dreaming or out of body experience they'd like to share?

Friday, September 13, 2019

Instagram 31-40

31. A century ago the pioneers of quantum physics said consciousness comes first, then matter.

32. Like my neighbour Garth says, "I am in the version of me that is taking the longest to die".

33. Everett didn't invent the phrase "Many Worlds": his Ph.D. thesis called it "The Theory of the Universal Wavefunction".

34. Who’d have thought that Imagining the fourth dimension would become my most-watched video? Thank you to Bogdan and Daria for letting me use this beautiful picture.

35. My project has always been about finding connections between science and spirituality, physics and ancient mysticism, dimensions and our observed reality.

36. Raise your hedonic tone! Enjoy the journey.

37. Wikipedia on the January 1926 publication of Schrodinger’s famous equation: “This paper has been universally celebrated as one of the most important achievements of the twentieth century and created a revolution in most areas of quantum mechanics and indeed of all physics and chemistry.”

38. "You are me and we are all together" - John Lennon describing his LSD insight.

39. Gary Zukav published The Dancing Wu Li Masters back in 1979, a book that was ahead of its time. Physics and consciousness are intimately tied together.

40. One of my favourite Brian Greene quotes. I like to add genes and memes to this list as well.

Here's an extra bonus, I'm experimenting with animated GIFs, hopefully this one will do its little slideshow for you.

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Friday, August 30, 2019

10thdim Instagram 21-30

More slides I created for my feed, enjoy!

21. Reality is a Reflection

22. Memes and Viruses

23. Schrodinger hated being known only for "that damn cat"

24. The Box is Too Small

25. Quantum Physics and the Mandela Effect?

26. We are the Universe Observing Itself

27. The World Made Through Perception

28. The Real is Made of Not Real

29. Knowing the Rules of the Game

30. Thank you David!

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