Saturday, October 31, 2020

Instagram 111-120

111. Everything fits together in the fifth dimension, at right angles to spacetime. #westartwithapoint

112. I'm fascinated to think it was only a few centuries ago that many believed magnets had souls. You can recognize Wheeler's self-excited circuit driving Maxwell's infinitely scalable waves along in the vortex polarities of a magnet, or withing a creature's indomitable spirit.

113. What you are experiencing right now is what is always happening. The universe is always observing itself within a finite but unbounded five-dimensional hypersphere.

114. What you are experiencing now is Wheeler's self-excited circuit, the one-Planck-frame-after-another engine that is the universe observing itself, from its potential beginnings to its potential endings, and all the potential iterations between. And because there is not a separate quantum wavefunction for each particle, there is only the one Universesal Wavefunction. We are all connected in ways we can only begin to imagine.

115. The universe behaves differently when you observe it.

116. How many dimensions are there? If you only look at time and imaginary time, everything happens within two dimensions!

117. There are bad people with bad intentions in the world. How do we solve this problem? I have always believed it would be by giving everybody a voice. Then we will see each other in our shared connections, through our Universal Wavefunction calculated in imaginary time.


118.  We are all one thing, biologically speaking. And we are each observing the current solution to Everett's Universal Wavefunction, one out of the many worlds within our 5D probability space. 

That's where you beat a virus.


119. Thank you for your support! 



120. Happy Halloween! Scary enough for ya?

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