Monday, June 8, 2020

Instagram 91-100

91. Gevin Giorbran published his book Everything Forever: Learning to See Timelessness in December 2006. His website has lots of great ideas, check it out. Unbelievably, March 2020 is already the twelfth anniversary of his death, but I still hear regularly from fans of his book. As many of you know, just before his death Gevin asked me to take over responsibility for his project and it has been my honour to do so. Thank you Gevin for your genius!

92. A white chalice to take into your dream. A cornstarch monster gives the illusion of life because, as Schrodinger said, "all is waves". And we are always each observing the same wave, intimately connected through quantum fields in the fifth dimension. 

93. A newborn baby is 78% water! Physicists say we are all connected by quantum fields. I like to imagine how we also are all connected through water.

94. Covid-19 has changed the working lives of so many. But what if we find we prefer this new arrangement? Environmentally, the planet is already seeing noticeable improvement. Staying home and supporting our local economies keeps us safer while we await a vaccine. Imagine that! A single virus mutation at some distant time in another species has the power to launch our universe off on a new trajectory within Everett's Many Worlds. That's the power of a point. #westartwithapoint

95. I'm hoping as people get used to the idea of protecting others with face masks that we will see more and personalization, keeping others safer and letting their personal style shine through with whatever adornments and decorations they want to add. But for those who can, staying home more is such a great idea: with modern connection speeds there's no reason you can't have a nice face-to-face with whoever you want. I'm not set up for home mixing yet, but once I leave my Dolby theatrical studio behind I'll continue with my same work from my sister and brother-in-law's basement, and be spending way less on gas. Works for me! By the way, I just finished the complete audio post and 5.1 theatrical mix on a mixed martial arts movie called Cagefighter: Worlds Collide. Check it out! 

96. Thank you to @circuitdoll for giving me permission to use this image from her feed for this slide. It's easy to get bogged down in the endless possibilities of Everett's Many Worlds, but physically we each get to experience only the universe we are in. Does that mean we are each on a solitary journey? No, we are all in this together. As physicist Sean Carroll explains: "There aren't separate wavefunctions for each particle. There is only one wavefunction: the wavefunction of the universe." And like a ballerina balancing on her toes, this fine balance that allows the matter we see around us to exist will maintain its dynamic tension from the beginning to the end of the universe.

97. Consciousness and gravity are equally singular. Right now we are all falling towards Omega at a terminal velocity which we call the speed of light. Consciousness, gravity, God, doesn't matter what you call it, there is something that is always there. Kip Thorne calls it The Bulk. Tegmark calls it The Ultimate Ensemble. Teilhard called it the Omega Point.

98. Once again, thank you to @circuitdoll for letting me use this image as the backdrop. The delicate balance of forces and constants that define our universe are like a beautiful balancing act, a ballerina on her toes. Think of that, balancing on a series of Planck-frame-sized points in the fifth dimension, creating a unique 4D worldline from the beginning to the end. Physicist Sean Carroll, like Gevin and I, has suggested that "before" and "after" the universe is the same thing, a return to symmetry. So when we reach the end, we fall back to the "floor". Like I always say, everything fits together in the end.

99. I believe the cornstarch monster (example pictured here) teaches us that we recognize life as a vibration, and that is true at all levels of the universe down to the Planck length... as the prophet Schrodinger tried to convince us all almost a century ago, when he said "I insist upon the view that all is waves".

100. In 1989 14 women were gunned down in what has been, up to now, Canada's worst mass shooting in history. Those women never got to see their best future self within Everett's Many Worlds. Now, in April 2020, that record has been broken, and Canada mourns more senseless loss, as branches are brutally snapped off within our probability space.


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