Thursday, March 12, 2020

Instagram 81-90

81. "The universe, according to quantum physics, has no single past, or history. The fact that the past takes no definite form means that observations you make on a system in the present affect its past." - Stephen Hawking #westartwithapoint

82. There's a clear connection between the rising acceptance of Simulation Theory, and the embrace of Everett's Many Worlds by mainstream physicists like Nobel laureate Kip Thorne. Both represent a mathematical and geometric understanding of the underpinnings of the quantum world, where "bits become its" as Wheeler was heard to say. And both still represent something amazing and beautiful, that is worthy of our praise and wonder.

83. I heard Keith Urban say "the only thing that's really real is now". Very true. How else could we have a universe made of particles and still understand what Schrodinger meant when he insisted that "all is waves". And because we are all here in the same universe, we are all observing the same universal wavefunction, and in that sense we are all really just one thing: the universe observing itself.

84."Imagining the Zeroth Dimension" continues to be one of my most popular videos. The idea that we can think of the underlying symmetry state our universe or any other comes from as adding up to a big beautiful zero was explored so well be Gevin Girobran in his book and website In the 1920s, physicist Paul Dirac developed an equation describing electron behaviour, for which he theorized the underlying symmetry must require there to be an "anti-electron", which he called a positron. A few years later, positrons were duly discovered in cosmic rays, and today they benefit the millions of people who get their medical diagnoses from positron emission tomography (PET) scans.

85. I'm still waiting for my campaign to rename the beginning of our universe The Big Bong to catch on. :) My "strangely musical" approach to visualizing the dimensions fits to what the quantum physicists say: information equals reality. Think of the beginning of the universe, they tell us, as being like the striking of a giant bell. The 4D worldline we are observing is part of a continuous recording that began back then. But that recording has a fluid past and future, according to quantum mechanics. So the recorder is continually able to jump from one possible future and past to another as the recording is being made. Genes, memes, atoms, fields, all are like repetitive songs made from the timeless vortices defined by the shape and position of the Big Bong.

86. What if we build bowls that reflect off each other up to our electromagnetic ceiling (the ionosphere), place them around the planet, and create the subharmonic equivalent of the horrible squeal of a mic too close to the speaker? When feedback happens you get more than you put in. When that feedback is down at the subharmonic resonance of the planet, you have a wave of sufficient punch as to create a new energy source around the world.

87. If we had a device capable of tuning into a 7.83 Hz wave ( the fundamental frequency of our planet's Schumann Resonance), that energy could be used to bounce a device into the air, driving a piston as the device falls down. I believe this is a form of a gravity pump I'm really describing here, something already known to sci-fi fans. Free energy for the world.

88. "If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla.

89. Thank you to lc_cherubim_goddess1133 for letting me layer the Tao and my words over her imagery. Terence McKenna and David Jay Brown both talked about us being drawn towards a perfected future self with an inexorable force that is very much like gravity. To which I have added, the version of me that dies tomorrow exerts very little force on me today, while the version of me that lasts the longest naturally has more of a pull from the future.

90. Here's a little to flowerpot to paste on your dream. #westartwithapoint

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