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The Fifth Dimension is Spooky - YouTube

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As part of our celebration of the four year anniversary of Imagining the Tenth Dimension this month, we've been looking at some of the new videos posted at youtube and the comments being made there by people interested in the project. Last time we looked at the video for Seeing Time, Feeling Colors, Tasting Light. Now, here's some of the comments which were posted in the first few days after the above video for The Fifth Dimension is Spooky went up:

Wow.. I think I am having a flashback. Your background is reminiscent of some your older videos. There are now three areas of biology that can be explained by Quantum Entanglement. Photosynthesis, Avian navigation and mechanism that holds DNA together. They are all documented in reputable scientific journals (Nature I think).

"now" is the 5th dimension ?
@kamalmichael Right. Watch "The 5th Dimensional Camera Project" for one of my most recent videos about how my idea how that our "now" is a continually evolving point in the fifth dimension, being observed one planck frame after another is starting to gain some acceptance within mainstream science.


gotta love Rob Bryanton... he has definitely reshaped my view of the universe.

Hello Rob, I'm wondering what you might think about out of body experiences, I think that obe's are the only way we can experience the other dimensions, lower and higher. I myself have had some out of body experiences and I know its real, though it still might be to controversial for mainstream science. I think if humanity would know for a fact that this really is occurring to people, much good would come from it.

@eVentyrBoost Hi eVentyrBoost, I don't have a video made for them yet but if you google OBE Bryanton the top couple of links that come up appear to be my blog entries called "Entangled Awareness and OBEs" and "Entangled Neurons". Check them out and see what you think!
Thanks for writing,

i wish my cat could understand me, i would explain this stuff to her. i bet she could grasp it better than most humans :D

buddha would be pleased; everything is connected to everything else via the 5th dimension?

YES!!!! a 10 minute video... you talking is like a brain massage, Rob. Thank You

For some reason when I try to come up with a reason of why information can transfer faster than light. I think maybe we only observe the particles to be entangled and sending information, but in actuality they're in superposition and that there really isn't a transfer at all.

i know why i subscribed to this channel
everytime i watch a video from you a part of my mind blows up and reforms itself into new :)

science will soon prove that science is primitive and that we need to mentally focus on nature so our minds can travel to these dimensions to understand what our physical bodies cannot experience ..our mind is the key

Rob, you are awesome!

Hey, what can I say, it's always nice to hear a compliment! And I'm so glad to see all the people out there who are using these videos as an opportunity to think more deeply about the nature of reality.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

Next time we'll look at a new animation for one of my most popular blog entries of all time: What's Around the Corner?

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