Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Animation - What's Around the Corner?

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After having released well over three hundred videos on YouTube, I'd say the above vlog entry comes closest to re-creating the graphic approach to visualizing the dimensions of my original Imagining the Tenth Dimension animation. As we celebrate the fourth anniversary of the launching of my project this month it does seem like an interesting idea to return to that style once again. Fans of the original animation will note that I didn't add sound effects, and that is certainly one thing I wrestled with creatively - the first video has been viewed millions of times on sites like revver and YouTube, but it has also had some people saying they found the sound effects distracting: so this time around I'm showing some of the same or conceptually similar graphics from the original, but with voiceover only. If you're among the contingent who loved the original version's sound effects and feel like they're missing this time around, please feel free to make them yourself as you watch along! :)

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton


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Marv C. said...

First of all, let me start by congratulating you on an extremely interesting view on our reality and beyond. The journey through your blog has been very inspiring.

Even if answers are still far away, I have been trying to figure out more the 7th to 9th dimensions you described, especially in this entry. For this, I drew a nice 3D image of only the 7th to 9th dimensions, in which a point is actually a 6D multiverse of all possible universes with the same laws of physics as you pointed out. It was important to me to see the actual dimensions and create directions on these dimensions by varying laws of physics. This is what I came up with:


Now, let me describe
7: This is the dimension of all multiverses with the same level of physicality, as you pointed out. By following this dimension I would choose between different levels of dynamics for the multiverses I create. Going forward means choosing the laws of physics in such a way as to describe a more dynamic multiverse, but keep to the same balance between matter and energy.
8: The dimension in which I start varying the balance between physical and information (again as you pointed out). Going forward in this dimension would mean more matter in any universe and less energy, while going backward would mean less matter and more energy (judging that information could be equal to energy, or rather force carriers, if we can agree force carriers are actual information).
9: This is where I actually control the level of information I build an 8D plane of matter/energy-dynamic/static multiverse with. Advancement in this dimension means making the multiverses more complex, containing more information, while going down means simpler universes with less and less information.

Now, we can actually have universes in this 9D space actually shift positions on the 7-9 dimensional 3D space, meaning those multiverses will have varying values for their laws of physics, transforming from one state to another. I remember an old scientific american issue in which it was stated that branes actually interact one with another constantly. This shift in the 3D 7-9 dimensional space could accept branes interacting.

Again, I thank you for the vision you're providing, but I must ask if my assumptions are correct.

Thank you,

Marv C, Romania

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