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Seven Levels

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In my song Seven Levels, I talk about the significance of the number seven. Here are the lyrics to the song, which you can hear using the link in my list to the right, or there are several ways to hear it from the website as well.

SEVEN LEVELS - music and lyrics (c) 2006 by Rob Bryanton (SOCAN)

Paul announced it with a gleam in his eye
Timothy found it a-written on high
Sanskrit mystics, chakras too
Everybody says it so it must be true

There are seven levels, levels to the universe
Seven levels, from seven down to the first

First comes the point, a singularity
Impossibly small, as in geometry
No width or depth, a place to start
Imaginary construct, the very first part

Then comes the line of first dimensionality
The simple way from point A to B
The second is a branch, from one line to another
A splitting apart, it’s easy to discover

There are seven levels, levels to the universe
(move through 2 to travel to a 1)
Seven levels, from seven down to the first
(fold through 3 to jump to another 2)

Three is the curve, three’s our space
The world we live in, everything and every place
Now you find when you fold the lines
A to B is shorter, they can even collide!

And four is time, a line so narrow
Past to future, straight as an arrow
The simple way from one day to the next
A journey taking us from birth to death

There are seven levels, levels to the universe
(move through 4 to travel to a 3)
Seven levels, from seven down to the first
(fold through 5 to jump to another 4)

Five is a branch or a split in the line
Back to the future, a wrinkle in time
And this is how it’s always gone
We choose from five for the four we’re on

Cause there are seven levels, levels to the universe
(move through 5 to travel to a 4)
Seven levels, from seven down to the first
(fold through 6 to jump to another 5)

Six is the space we’d have to move through
To change reality: if we wanted to
Live in the world where JFK
Was never murdered, six’d be the way

And seven is all, a singularity
Simultaneous, every possibility
Every yes and every no
Eternity, infinity, impossible to know

There are seven levels, levels to the universe
(seven is infinity a formless bore)
Seven levels, from seven down to the first
(things get interesting here in four)
There are seven levels, levels to the universe
(seven is infinity a formless bore)
Seven levels, from seven down to the first
(things get interesting here in four)

This song starts by mentioning the many mystical connections to the number seven: as the first verse alludes to, Paul McCartney tells us in his biography that the very first time he smoked marijuana, he announced his insight that "there are seven levels". The song "And Your Bird Can Sing" from the Beatles album Revolver includes a reference by John Lennon to "seven wonders", which is also thought to be a reference back to Paul's drug-inspired insight. What caused Paul to pick the number seven?

Likewise, sixties LSD Guru Timothy Leary had a strong affinity for the number seven, declaring that there are seven levels of consciousness (in his book "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out" and his essay "The Seven Tongues of God"), and it is probably not coincidence that seven grams of his ashes were launched into space in 1997. Still, it should be clear that this fascination we human beings have with the number seven is not all just about drug-inspired psychedelic visions.

Any number, of course, has its own unique set of intellectual/emotional resonances, particularly the lower primes. However, a google search for words such as "seven mysticism" shows the cornucopia of connections that man has found for this interesting number through the ages. Perhaps it's just coincidence that there are seven chakras of energy in Hinduism and New Age thinking. But I find the connections very interesting when you look at the sanskrit yoga system: the desired yogi state is that the practitioner become absolute master of his six 'principles,' as he merges to one-ness in the seventh.

In the "way of imagining" that we explore in this song and my book, we are saying that there are ten dimensions, but that our particular universe is really contained within six full dimensions, and a seventh where the universe is a single point: it "merges into one-ness in the seventh", so to speak.

Some questions get asked a lot in the tenth dimension forum, and this is one of them: based upon what we've explored here, why does this "way of imagining" need any more than seven (or perhaps even just six) dimensions? Why ten? We'll discuss these questions in upcoming blogs.

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Seven Star Hand said...

Hey Rob,

Want to see other evidence for 11 dimensions? Follow the links on my profile and download my free ebook and search for dimension, seven dimensions, eleven (11) dimensions, implicate order, and read the surrounding narrative. My focus covers many other topics, but includes much evidence supporting 11 dimensions flowing from the corrected understanding of pivotal anicent wisdom and the symbology used to model, encode, and encapsulate it.

There are many stunning parallels between string/M theory and pivotal ancient sources, but it is vital to understand the truth about anicent wisdom, long obscurred and misrepresented by religion and mysticism.


Rosaria said...
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Anonymous said...


I'm just starting the journey this morning ... saw the animation, made my way to your blog (you really need a quicker way to get to the first post, or a map to the best place to start) and as much as I'm enjoying the mind blow, I am really startled at how much I am DIGGING ON YOUR TUNES! It's like hyper-dimensional Schoolhouse Rock filtered through Andy Partridge! Stellar!

It's going to take me a long time to catch up, but what you're doing here is yet another example of what the internet is for! Thanks and keep it up.

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