Saturday, June 30, 2007

Selfish Genes and Selfish Memes

Quantum physics tells us everything is information. Memes and genes are both patterns in a specific fourth dimensional line that stretches from the beginning point (which in our universe's biggest picture of all is the big bang) to the ending point (which in our biggest picture of all is absolute zero and timelessness). Those memes and genes, in the indeterminate future/past of quantum mechanics, fan out into the fifth dimension, which is where Kaluza proposed and Einstein eventually agreed that our physical reality exists.

In smaller sections, selfish genes through the ages are really just a fourth (or fifth) dimensional pattern, and the rise and fall of species attached to those genes through the ages is just as easy to imagine as is it is to imagine the rise and fall of ideas: either can be visualized as shapes that have a beginning and an ending, once you have gotten used to the Tenth Dimension way of imagining reality. This is an important idea which I have referred to before: everything has a beginning and ending, and that's just as true whether you're talking about dinosaurs, the Macarena, or what we think of as the spirit or the soul.

That's also true whether you're talking about things that can be considered evil: which takes us to the idea that there is a global awakening from a bad dream that is beginning to happen right now. No question, that's a very political idea... but it is also a hopeful idea. This awakening is going to represent a big change from the power structures that we have suffered under for the last century or two. George Harrison got it right, All This Must Pass before we can get on to better times.

Web 2.0 has an awful lot to do with that, something that mainstream media is having trouble assimilating. How does the first guy in line for the iPhone end up being one of the most talked about celebrities in the world? Celebrity for the sake of celebrity gives ambitious people like Mr. Packer the fifteen minutes of fame promised to him by Andy Warhol. But this is not just about the new generation's media. What do the currently rising popularity of people like Deepak Chopra and Paul McCartney have in common? Their work speaks to the underlying truths that define our reality.

Imagining the Tenth Dimension is also part of that picture - it has done more than just capture the attention of an audience of almost two million. By showing people who were previously without hope that indeterminacy and the multiverse tell us that there are other versions of our lives where we do better than we are doing right now, it gives us an easier target to strive towards. And that's especially true for people who are trapped in repeating loops of addiction or negative behavior. Unfortunately it's much less true for the starving child in Africa, but that could be changing soon as well.

Last blog we looked at the question What Do You Want to Change? Realizing how everything fits together is an important part of that idea, and that's true whether we're talking about memes, spimes, or our shared consensual reality. Next blog, we'll talk about the Wii Generation and how that has the potential to tie into the new awakening.

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