Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just Ten Things

Here's the current results from the previous poll, gang: 35% say I'm talking about physics stuff, 21% say this is about spirituality, and at almost half, 42% say it's both. Fantastic! This is the important thing to keep in mind: even though we're all talking about the same thing, each of us has their unique point of view, and in some cases that point of view has been designed to disallow the existence of other conflicting points of view. So what? We've known that all along, that's the way life is.

So here we are in the fifth dimension (this is a fact physicists have known about since Kaluza proved it in 1919, but for some reason the established media have not been inclined to promote this information: more about the "conspiracy theories" meme in a bit). We are being drawn forward by the future towards absolute zero: not the sad place where everything becomes meaningless, but rather the place where all the positive and negative spins of our probability-space world reassemble back into one, and everything fits together.

Why is the fifth dimension such a dangerous idea? Because there are moral questions that have to be answered. If you are going to admit that all we really are is a sea of information (which many people on this planet like to think of as the Mind of God), chosen from the unobserved reality that quantum mechanics calls indeterminacy, then there are moral questions that have to be answered. Selfish memes and selfish genes point the way for us to see how the patterns that connect us from the beginning to the end of our universe have to include each of us taking some personal responsibility for the creation of good within the world in which we live.

Which leads to the question of whether science preferring to suppress anything to do with spirituality might have more to do with the funding that comes from an old boys network who remain right where they are as long as the rest of the planet doesn't find out what they've been up to and how easy it would have been to stop them if we had only known. As the global village becomes aware of itself, we become a more enlightened and caring world, and that's what the web is starting to do for us all right this very moment in spacetime.

Is it a good thing that the Divas currently in trouble (Lohan, Spears, Hilton etc.) are being monitored so closely that we could actually save their lives instead of letting them self-destruct as some of their predecessors before them did? This is one of the ways that we can see the more enlightened viewpoint is steadily gaining ground. By the time we realize that we are all just different aspects of the same quantum observer, we see how we could be part of the same recurring patterns, created by the opposing organizing forces of symmetry and order, as explained so well by Gevin Giorbran, over at EverythingForever.com.

Still, let's not be mistaken here. There are a growing number of scientists who are seeing parts of the same image I portray at Imagining the Tenth Dimension: everything fits together at zero. Zero is the mind of God viewed in its entirety: no wonder zero has had such a rough ride down through the millenia! The idea that everything ends at an Omega point that is "outside the system" relates to what Gödel was talking about with his incompleteness theorems. Within that omega, gravity determines the amount of grouping, and the speed of light's planck length defines the framing chosen from probability space that defines our particular universe, with its unchanging gravity and its restrictions against faster-than-light travel.

Gravity, then, can easily be thought of as the probability of something continuing to be here an instant from now, based upon the sum over histories paths that got that object to where it is right now. Gevin suggests that at the quantum realm this is also a form of inertia: the more locked in by the overall consensual reality a particular pattern is, the harder it is for free will to make a difference to it. That's why no amount of free will can change the force of gravity, and the multiverse of possibilities that surround us in the fifth dimension is an easy way for us to imagine not just the "bent 4D spacetime" of gravity, but the hidden forces of dark matter as well.

Popular culture and philosophy/spirituality show us the ways that a "big picture" enlightened view is completely compatible with cosmology and quantum mechanics: but that has more to do with the Joseph-Campbell-sized simple truths that everyone knows, which leads some people to belittle the worth of those ideas. Once we understand that ideas are just a part of meme-space, which is just as real as the physical space we see around us right now, we see how easy it is to make a change to some things that up to now may have seemed insurmountable. And you see the ways in which we're all connected together and are co-operating with each other, and the ways that some of us think they disagree with the consensual reality they're in when in the really big picture they couldn't possibly disagree. After all, according to my framework for discussion, we're all just a point in the seventh dimension.

Here's a link to an upcoming article from next week's issue of Newsweek about exciting new experiments showing how the future really can influence the present. The secret of life is about being interested in what happens next. Once you understand that reality and information are interchangeable, you understand what the ancient mystics have known all along: time is an illusion, and everything fits together at zero. Terence McKenna definitely got it right.

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton


Anonymous said...

love the way you think. my own similar thoughts are

NOTHING, DOSN'T EXIST. Sounds like semantics, but everything is data, even a made up word. SO
NOTHING, by definition cannot ever exist. total void is full of soup, physics that is strange certainly, and at the very least there is the possibility, or rather promability of an infnite somethoing...so, basically, the reason nothing doesn't exist and can never exist is EVERYTHING has to exist.

Think about it the actuality of true nothing is imossible, in our universe, and probably the infinite mutiverse...so, if there is one tiny probability or dual particle...then the entireity of all possible things will exist at sometime. it's all or nothing...and nothing cannot be..it is no thing...

so it's a sort of eternal life...and the smaller parts die and are born...even again...after all all possibiities, een impossible ones, like tha I am suddeny going to change into a hat and fall through the earth and become a tree with purple faces...etc...it will come to pass in the foreverness...thats infinite.

God is conscious and is the absolutely smallest thing that exists...singularilty? and cannot help creating..ot thinks and we are but tiny holograms of him..but we are smaller and can only manifest in a minor way..one way is just crudely force matter to bed, ala make a car..but some mind power might exist. but as above so below or the reverse

there is no one thing that exists- it all exists

andrew gold

course i could and will be way off...may be now....but nothing cannot exist...and why- everything, does exist......

Anonymous said...

also...the whole multi infinite thing is merely growing..god is a baby...lonely..and feeling around...deat and eternity will see like a blink, literally..not to mention..we are also like black holes...and we never reach the hole...we die and right before our value, our memeor...all data is lost....we never make it. time stops and we are deflected, any object is...the black hole actually builds by destroying and ending it out agai, either here or there.

as terrance mckenna said...if we are descendants of avatars and angels...the it's a pretty tacky thing goin on...but if, on the other hand we are the descendants of shit hurling apes..then it's AMAZING what we've accomplished. both are true
the universe is both meaningful to the hid AND means nothing...dosn matter. but we exist and will be able to experience everything that anyone has...i'll be paul mccartney, sting, kirk douglas and hitler, ida amin, plus every non famous man or oman or lant mineral...sonner or later the great circle arives- omega...and suddeny it's alpha.but spiraled yet again....so we forget all and have fun...and the god thing, which we are cells in, is on;y perfect by being imperfect. you cannot be perfect and nt make accidents...a original thing lie a god, maybe in an infinite sea of gods....destroys, makes..or is what soe call the devil, and is good and all inbetween....ggod dosn't know anything more than we do..except scale wise as not oly is he infinite...he creates more space....a pi moment...never stops and grows, MAYBE learns

On the other hand, i can't be bothered to spell check this crap..but i think i have it.and you have it....but there are infinite dimensions. light and time is absolutely linked..and dark energy is near stopped time..fast time,een as illusion, is more light....and eventually we leave ultra vilote..where those earth guys speed around like little flashes....but no one feels different. everythig is realative, INCLUDING relativity...sorry for the lazy spelling i am not a retard..i may be sleepy..and likel;y wrong..but in some univers, i am a genious.not this one, if spelling counts...even if this is all a dream, no difference...it's happening...we exist...and we manifest a BIT, but we ar puny...for now. death is absolutley needed to create...but i was dead before i was born...same exact state..non existance except as unformed or joined energy...didn't notice it at all..

and extebding life is fine...won't matter....we cannot, ultimately make a mistake. everyone's right, and everyone is mistaken

god is just exploring...and is conscious but he only creates and destroys and doesn't have any idea what th hell is going on..it cannot be known..because we've hve to know absolutely everyuthing in the universe and we'd be as big asa the entire multishebang to store the entire data...and guess what...at least one question would arise....and the exploring resumes....it would be the end of evrything of anyone knew the whole thing....impossible..and thats good.

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