Tuesday, January 1, 2008

FAQ 12 - Is this about consciousness and the quantum observer?

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12. Is this project about consciousness and the role of the quantum observer?

Absolutely! Now that famed physicist Anton Zeilinger's experiments in Austria are proving that "realism" does not exist - in other words, the universe really is being created by observation, this project is more relevant than ever: read about Zeilinger's work in Local Realism Bites the Dust. Physicist Sean Carroll's ideas about an equilibrium state which exists "outside of time" is also clearly related to this, read about Dr. Carroll's theories in Time in Either Direction. In the animation, the image of a person viewing one part of the indeterminate waveform to collapse (or more correctly, to observe) the version of reality they are in is key to this discussion. But there is much more to it than that. Here are some blog entries discussing these ideas:

John Wheeler and Digital Physics
Infinity and the Boltzmann Brains
Boredom and Consciousness Part One
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Boredom and Consciousness Part Three
Infinity and the Boltzmann Brains
Disorders of the Mind
Constructive Interference
The Bicameral Mind
Seeing Eye to Eye
Conspiracies and Quantum Mechanics
See No Future
What Do You Want to Change?
I Remember Flying
Addictive Personality


OldSchoolMetalFan said...

Ever heard of the experiment described in "conjuring up Philip"?
About a group of scientists (I forgot where they were from) attempting to create a "ghost" or "poltergeist" which resulted in real measurable physical phenomena often related to poltergeist activity even though the person or "ghost" never lived in this reality?

Rob Bryanton said...

Interesting! Haven't heard that one. Just a week or two ago though, New Scientist magazine published an article about some researchers who found that subtle oscillating magnetic fields could induce in subjects certain supernatural experiences... the article suggests then, that perhaps ghosts are magnetic fields of energy!

To which I would add, and perhaps those energy fields can sometimes maintain coherence past a person's death, or be connected to our reality across extra dimensions. But hey, that's just me!


OldSchoolMetalFan said...


You should really take a look at these sites, (at 2:35 the video footage of the experiment begins, I can understand you're busy enough not to have time for the intro about general spiritsm, not about the case in particular) because i didn't really told you the whole story, because this poltergeist phenomena seemed to have its own personality features, like anger, happiness and all other sorts of "human" traits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgnqN43KLHY
This last link leads to a site that describes the experiment in more detail http://www.pararesearchers.org/Ghosts/Article_Five/article_five.html

btw, with this comment and example i mean to say that i really believe we "think, wish, and/or believe " our reality in existence from a higher dimensional plain.
If our consiousness originates or resides at the 5th dimensional plane it would explain a lot of things we now still do not understand or believe to be true when told to us by others.

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