Thursday, April 3, 2008

Googling in the Tenth Dimension

Last blog, we looked at the "Find Chuck Norris" joke that appears if you type those three words into Google and press the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. The page that comes up seems at first glance to be a Google error window, but further examination reveals that the page is not affiliated with Google, and there are links at the bottom of the page to some interesting discussions about this as a viral marketing technique.

I have talked in this blog before about the disconnect that seems to be happening, where the internet can have popular phenomena that go unreported by the mainstream media. The "Find Chuck Norris" gag works because that page is Google's number one search result for those three words, and that popularity has happened purely through the internet equivalent of word of mouth. With millions of people visiting, it's not surprising that typing "Imagining Tenth Dimension" and clicking "I'm Feeling Lucky" takes you directly to the tenth dimension website. After poking around a bit, though, I was surprised to see just how many different phrases you can type into a Google search and see a tenth dimension related page come up in the top position. As I said in the last blog, is this because of any sort of deliberately viral manipulation of the search results? Not at all. It's because there are people all over the world visiting the tenth dimension website, its forum, its animation, its songs, and this blog on a regular basis.

Imagining the Tenth Dimension became popular within days of its launch in July 2006. Almost two years later, it continues to average millions of hits a month. Why do people keep coming back? Because so many of us are fascinated with discussions about the nature of reality, and our place within it. This project has a wide range of ideas that are tied together by that theme, and the list of search terms listed below that reveal this project as the number one search result helps to give a peek into just how wide the scope of those discussions has been.

After almost two years of success, I have no doubt that in the months to come some of these searches listed below will cease to reveal pages related to this project in the number one position, while other new phrases from the project will rise to the top... so I release the following list as a snapshot of the huge cloud of memes that circle around Imagining the Tenth Dimension at this moment in time. I'm sure there are many others I've missed, please let me know if you find any unusual ones worthy of note.

And thank you, Imagining the Tenth Dimension fans around the world, for continuing to make this project the success it has been.

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

Single word:

Two words:
tenth faq
tenth animation
tenth dimension
tenth dimensions
ten dimensions
ten dimension
spacetime tree
Plato hypercube
insidious trends
imagining omniverse
imagining superstrings
indeterminate wave
memes spimes
soul spimes
anthropic viewpoint
binary viewpoint
possible timelines
keystone world
thankful dimension
conspiracies anthropic
bicameral spimes
bicameral tenth
indeterminacy tenth
multiverse tenth
observer tenth
spimes dimension
spimes tenth
tagclouds tenth
tagclouds dimension
timelessness tenth
visualizations tenth
determinism tenth
spirituality tenth
determinism tenth
googleverse dimension
googleverse tenth
multiverse waveforms
multiverse dimensions
multiverse tenth
multiverse spimes
time spimes
imagining dimensions
imagining tenth
imagining memes
imagining spimes
imagining hypercubes
Giorbran tenth
Giorbran dimension
Hofstadter tenth
memes Bryanton
genes Bryanton
imagining Bryanton
tenth Bryanton
dimension Bryanton

three words:
tenth dimension reviews
information equals reality
Everything Fits Together
The Unseen Eye
I Remember Flying
Burn Candle Brightly
imagining higher dimensions
bang entropy dimension
seven levels dimension
automatic tenth dimension
senseless violence dimension
addictive personality dimension
blind faith dimension
positive vibes dimension
hard determinism dimension
strangely musical imagining
strangely musical dimension
turquoise white tenth
turquoise white imagining
turquoise white dimension
soul imagining tenth
imagining enjoy journey
souls selfish memes
change renewal dimension
corner eye dimension
intuition tenth dimension
spirituality tenth dimension
consciousness tenth dimension
conspiracies tenth dimension
matter tenth dimension
dark tenth dimension
death tenth dimension
determinism tenth dimension
enlightenment tenth dimension
googleverse tenth dimension
indeterminacy tenth dimension
life tenth dimension
Deutsch tenth dimension
Lloyd tenth dimension
imagining David Deutsch
imagining Greg Bear
imagining Michio Kaku
imagining quantum observer
imagining superstring vibrations
Hofstadter tenth dimension
Seth Lloyd dimension
Seth Lloyd tenth
tenth dimension blog
imagining tenth blog
imagining dimension blog
free will Bryanton
worlds tenth dimension
meditation tenth dimension
memes tenth dimension
multiverse tenth dimension
music tenth dimension
observer tenth dimension
philosophy tenth dimension
physics tenth dimension
quantum tenth dimension
song tenth dimension
spimes tenth dimension
tagclouds tenth dimension
tenth dimension FAQ
timelessness tenth dimension
vibrations tenth dimension
visualizations tenth dimension
see no future dimension
26 songs dimension
26 songs tenth
26 songs imagining
consensual reality tenth
fourth dimension memes
fifth dimension memes
fifth dimension spimes
sixth dimensional self
sixth dimension memes
seventh dimension memes
eighth dimension memes
ninth dimension memes
tenth dimension memes
wrinkle time spimes
memes spimes 2012
E8 semantic web
seventh dimension God
memes spimes genes
multiverse dark matter
probability space dimension
imagining standard model
gravity light memes
infinity Boltzmann Brains
google memes randomness

four words:
many worlds tenth dimension
quantum observer tenth dimension
society mind tenth dimension
dark matter tenth dimension
dark energy tenth dimension
big bang entropy dimension
google suggestions time capsule
eye to eye multiverse
hang a left lights
feel for you dimension
imagining society of mind
dimensions enjoy the journey

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