Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moving Dimensions and Synchromysticism

I've been talking a lot with this project about those underlying patterns and shapes that create our reality, and how mysteries like intuition, quantum entanglement, simultaneous inspiration, wave-particle duality, synchronicity, and the soul as a collection of memes can all be tied together once you begin to embrace the timeless viewpoint. Physicists have been saying that "time is an illusion" for a century! But even those physicists (as I discussed in my blog entry Unlikely Events and Timelessness) seem to have difficulty getting their minds completely wrapped around a place where all possible universes and all possible outcomes exist as one simultaneous whole, completely outside of what we know of as time and space.

A direct link to this video for "Everything Fits Together" is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcdjX72VcKI

The main theme of this project is "Everything Fits Together". With chapter one of my book, I worked through a way of visualizing reality that ultimately leaves you with a picture of the underlying perfectly-balanced symmetry state from which our universe and all other possible realities must spring. The other ten chapters of the book then explore the ramifications of all this, and the continuing popularity of my website and my tenth dimension animation show that a growing number of people around the world are being introduced to this way of visualizing reality. Those noisy few who have dismissed my project as pseudoscience are part of an old guard fiercely defending an antiquated viewpoint: a viewpoint which refuses to accept how deep and wide the underlying omniverse is, and which refuses to accept that there are many other universes out there which are just as real as our own, and which refuses to accept that our universe or any other of those possible universes are all just temporary deviations from that underlying background state.

Ever hear of Dr. Elliot McGucken and his Moving Dimensions Theory? Dr. McGucken is a respected physicist and an internet pioneer, check out the description of his work attached to his currently-out-of-print book at Amazon, or the links I have attached to his name and his theory. Moving Dimensions Theory is summed up with an idea very similar to what I've been talking about here:

The only way to stay stationary in the fourth dimension is to move at the speed of light. Ergo the fourth dimension is expanding at the rate of "c" relative to the three spatial dimensions.
Here's a video blog I posted last week. Watch the visual for this for a moment and imagine this as a representation of what Dr. McGucken is describing: each new copy of our 3D world, one planck length away from the next, creates an expanding set of "points", which we string together to create what feels like our continuous 4D line of time; and because this fourth dimension is being created at the speed of light, this becomes the maximum possible speed for a 3 dimensional object.

A direct link to this video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBDaZiMF8jg

Thinking of how each additional dimension is at "right angles" to the one before is another way of thinking about this same idea... and if there were only one possible "line of time" from the big bang to the end of the universe, then Dr. McGucken's expanding fourth dimension would be as far as we need to go. But recognizing that the multiple outcomes of Everett's multiverse are at yet another right angle to the fourth dimension is, I believe, still an important key: as Kaluza proved and Einstein eventually agreed, our reality comes from the fifth rather than the fourth dimension, and this breakthrough idea (which allows a way for us to imagine the constantly expanding parallel-universe-versions resulting from chance and choice for our universe) is central to my project.

So here I am in the middle of the Canadian prairies, a guy with some unusual ideas about how our reality is derived, reaching out to a worldwide audience. I was interested to come across the work of Jake Kotze recently, who is in Winnipeg, Manitoba (I'm in Saskatchewan, the next province over). Jake has developed a large body of work playing with ideas surrounding the hidden connections not just in the real world but from the work of artists and entertainment media, with the idea that we are all plugged into a giant web of connections across time and space (which means, as I've said before, that these connections are occurring at the fifth dimension, where our reality comes from, and this is why those instantaneous --faster-than-light!--hidden connections I listed at the start of this blog violate no laws of physics).

Now, I've talked about synchronicity with this project before, but with "synchromysticism" Jake has taken this idea to a whole new level. If you're prepared to leave your skepticism at the door and take a look at some mind-bending explorations of the memes that knit our reality together, then check out his blogs: The Blob, and Brave New World Order.

I often end these blog entries with one of the 26 songs about the nature of reality which I have attached to this project. This time, a song about those hidden connections that occur "behind the scenes" to create and explain our universe: "From the Corner of My Eye".

A direct link to this video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyP5jxFe5Po

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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codenamev said...

I have been reading your blog for a short time, having stumbled upon it not too long ago, and couldn't help but commenting on your video of the representation in 4D space (one plank length at a time). It made me think about a previous post you had done talking about various ideas about the "model" of the universe, and how generally every model contains some sort of fold back onto(or into) itself (like the Mobius loop). A "self-referential loop" I believe you called it. Creating consciousness. Brilliant! Since consciousness is the awareness of self you just may be on to something when you talk about being on the outer end of the bell-curve. And if it is all really a manifold of 10-dimensional multiverses, it would make perfect sense to be able to "see," but more likely "re-cognize" ourselves on the other side of the curve from all directions.

I thank you for your posts. They have been truly inspirational. But it has often given me a strange sensation that WE are really the ant from the 2-D world. For what life exists below our dimensions?

Rob Bryanton said...

Thanks v, always nice to hear from someone who "gets" where I'm going with all this. And you're right, trying to conceive of a being or awareness that exists within just the second or first dimension seems like such a horribly limited mode of existence that it should never happen... but perhaps an awareness operating in the sixth dimension would say the same thing about us!

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