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In The Shaman, we talked about the definition of Shamanism found in wikipedia:

Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits which affect the lives of the living.
We also talked about visionaries like Terence McKenna, who some have called a Modern Shaman. In the followup to that entry, we talked about other people I would call Modern Shamans, Alex Grey and Grant Morrison.

This time around I'd like to talk about a fascinating fellow who we might call a "technoshaman": John Thomas Bryant. A technoshaman, we could say, is someone who embraces the shamanic principles of there being hidden forces and patterns that come from outside of our perceived reality, but who embraces modern technology as one of the means to study and reveal those hidden connections. John sees technology not only as a conduit for consciousness, but as a new life-form evolving with us inside.

Gravity as a hidden connection

Einstein realized that in order for photons to entangle throughout the cosmos, gravity must somehow cooperate with the movement of light. Einstein resolved the "spooky action at a distance" of quantum mechanics with something he called "Teleparallel Gravitation". Now, Bryant has observed coincidences of solar activity and planetary movements he believes validates Einstein's hypothesis that the Universe has an inherent time-space symmetry.

The great minds of the twentieth century - Einstein, Feynman, Wheeler, Hawking all kept trying to get us to visualize time as being something that exists out there, simultaneously, in the same way that space exists out there and all around us. Now, Bryant is working on a brand new system which shows a deeper understanding of these ideas: Bryant is proposing that time folds over multiple axes, and believes the mysteries of the photon can be sorted out by treating it as an indicator of where space-time folds.

He calls his vision of a manifold of space-time the "astrotome". His system of understanding that "tome", that large "book" containing all possible expressions of mass and energy, is called "Astrotometry". John is providing some tantalyzing glimpses into the possibilities of what it means if the sun is actually our "primary time axis" as John refers to it. Could solar features be entwined with events that are approaching us in time here on Earth, like earthquakes, hurricanes, or volcanos? If every thing and every time exists simultaneously, then reverse-time causality, and resonances and nodes that connect the future, the present, and the past together are easier to visualize. And as I reported not long ago in "Google and the Group Mind", this idea has been confirmed by scientists in the lab: there really are experiments that have been conducted now which prove that the future "leaks" back into the present.

I'd like to quote from John here, because he's able to describe his work much better than I:
In the three dimensional version of Astrotometry, the observed movement of the photon is understood to be a sort of illusion. Astrotometry models matter and energy as node-patterns in standing waveforms. The node-patterns re-materialize from moment to moment in a conservative 3D space where nothing may move without simultaneously effecting and being affected by everything else.

The node patterns are created by "common carrier" waves which ebb and flow from six orthogonal directions. In a seventh movement the resulting node-pattern creates feedback in its carrier as the waves interfere and curl. From the interference patterns the process starts all over. The space where the node-pattern reforms seems the same from the pattern's super-similar perspective. Since time-relative changes in the pattern is the only indication of movement, the relative movement between its moments must be indirectly observed. Astrotometry provides the physics for Aristotle's concept of the unmoved mover: the node-pattern isn't actually moving. Matter and energy are being translated through space by the underlying mechanisms of time which fold through as a part of all physical structures.

What is theorized to be moving is not the photon, but the underlying carrier waves. This is why there is a particle-wave duality. Matter materializes and re-materializes in every moment from underlying waveforms that carry it through space. This mechanism provides an explanation for relativistic time and movement.

In Astrotometry, this space between moments is sorted out by observing super-symmetric movements in the cosmos.
You are to be forgiven if you found the above mind-boggling, I do as well. With John's work, I often feel like I'm watching an icy tip sticking out of the water, and I don't really have a clear vision of the giant form that's lurking in the depths below, even though I keep catching glimpses. Nonetheless, I see a lot of connections between his groundbreaking scientific theories and the ideas I've been playing with in my project, in that he's not afraid of embracing the philosophical/metaphysical/spiritual aspects of imagining connections that transcend space and time.

John has generously created a large volume of work on YouTube as he works through this huge cloud of ideas, and he has three different channels you should check out:

Here's a few of my favorite movies John has posted, but there are many more to choose from, as I'm sure you'll find when you go to the above links.

The Moon Illusion - I believe this is the first video of John's I ever saw. If you've never heard of the Moon Illusion, you'll be in for a surprise! After I started showing this video around to people my brother-in-law Russell told me that this is one of the things scout leaders will show their troops while out on overnight camping trips, and the way to make the moon illusion go away is to bend over and look at it upside down through your legs!

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Visualizing Astrotometry: gets into John's underlying theory more specifically, a useful introduction.

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On Quake Predictions: John's theories have allowed him to make some very interesting connections between earthquakes and solar flares, this is where we start to understand just how huge the concepts he's playing with really are.

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On the Use of Electrical Technology is one of my favorite movies of John's, I love the physical journey he takes us on while also exploring his unusual ideas.

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Part 1 - October 14 - Sunspot 1005: with this video, John shows us his some of the more ancient mystical connections he sees to his work. This is another of his most far-reaching and challenging videos, I love it.

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I would invite you to go check out John's website,, for a more in-depth introduction to his work. Also, please note that John wants us to use his website as the central reference for the latest thinking about astrotometry, as for him this is all very a much a work in progress.

In the last video above, John poses this question: "What's the difference between a shaman and a sorcerer? The shaman uses his knowledge to benefit the community, and the sorcerer uses his knowledge to benefit himself." In that sense, John is a shaman: his goals are all about finding ways to understand the world, and to heal it with a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that create the reality we are all a part of. For me, that shamanistic drive is one of things I find most interesting about John's work, and I wish him every success in getting his unusual scientific studies out into the world.

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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Anonymous said...

Everything shines and sounds, echoes and aches with a certain constellation of truth, a visceral truth that is immediately apprehended from one’s past encounters, call it experience, that is, one’s stored memories and an actual encounter with ones’ sense memories and concurrent with the object of stimulation that triggers a link of understanding, an apparent match or pattern, a collapse into unity; that is, the truth sensing organ, developed from mind, mind, developed from habit, habit, developed from sense, sense, collected around systems of self, self, dynamically folding and unfolding, constrained by resource and resource recognition, limited by universal constants, finite and irreducible, produces a certain regularity and since, your systems of systems are of the same sort, which is the key, the transport tangent, that which is and that which is understood by you to be you; exchanges likes for likes, and at this tangent, this point of contact, an exchange occurs, an exchange that opens avenues, avenues of creation and transformation, avenues of dissolution and destruction, embedding and hybridizing, all happening everywhere all at once, on the thin film of reality and all of which is projected into consciousness and diffuses and dissipates into the fabric of energy, time and dimensionless space; to be distilled and rarified into your genome, codified into your tombs and treaties of thought, flittering on mimetic wings and embedding and infusing in static and dynamic nodes of intermingled harmonic modes of perpetual awareness, coalescing in a gathering space, containing only and all of the tangents, call it the tangential space of reason; and in this space of reason and existing only in this space a communication occurs, a communication that is incapable of occurring elsewhere, call it the private mind of an unapproachable intellect of unspeakable proportions; but know, it is but only one in a myriad of uniquely unfathomable beings, each of which can be ascribed a number but not understood or properly defined by any mere label; these numbers are used only to identify the space which separates each from the other; and it is in this negative understanding this inverse of that which is, that we push about with our words and deeds; but take pause and consider the index, the index of all those numbers, a connected space whose unified topology sublimates into a vaporous state of pure nothingness, the bedrock of existence.


Rob Bryanton said...

Wow, PRHEffler, what a beautiful assemblage of ideas. Is this your writing or is this quoted from somewhere? I loved all the resonances I saw between this and what I've been trying to do with my project!


John said...

I think the comment from PRH was an example of...

"a communication that is incapable of occurring elsewhere, call it the private mind of an unapproachable intellect of unspeakable proportions"

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