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Polls Archive 41 - Is Creativity a Quantum Process?

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Poll 41: "Life uses quantum physics effects such as tunneling and entanglement to engage with reality 'outside' of spacetime, and this is true of all creative processes". Poll Ended June 10 '09, 83.2% agreed while 16.8% disagreed.

I suggested the wording for this poll in my blog entry accompanying "Poll 36 - Do Plants Use Quantum Effects?". Both this current poll question and that previous poll 36 are connected to my blog entry Creativity and the Quantum Universe. I will post the videos for both of those down below. In those entries I talked about the scientific experiments that have shown ways in which life is engaged with more than the "now" of our 4D spacetime. This time around, I'm going to talk mainly about creativity.

Here's a video from the TED Talks series featuring author Amy Tan (best-selling author of The Joy Luck Club). Amy takes us on a similar exploration to the areas my project regularly delves into, blending ideas from quantum mechanics and cosmology with her own thoughts on free will, chance, and creativity. This presentation is light and fun, but underneath Amy is dealing with some heady concepts.

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There continues to be mounting evidence that we operate "outside" of the limited little window we call "now". Here's some articles about recent research that shows there are processes which let us decide what we're about to do before we are consciously aware of the decision:

Here is another author speaking at Ted Talks about creativity: this is Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth has some very wise things to say about the negative connotations sometimes attached to the role of being a creative person: the myth that creative people have to suffer for their art is dangerously destructive. Last entry, in "When's a Knot Not a Knot?", I ended by asking that we think about loops and knots, and that we ponder the loops and knots that keep us from our goals. My song Addictive Personality is about those same patterns that we can let ourselves be trapped into, and Elizabeth adds some very important points to this conversation.

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Here's videos for those previous blog entries I mentioned above. "Poll 36 - Do Plants Use Quantum Effects?":

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"Creativity and the Quantum Universe":

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Addictive Personality:

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Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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Mariana Soffer said...

Both excelent videos the ted ones, by the female writers, I loved them both, besides I used to read a lot of amy tan when I was a teenager. And the talk about the blond writter made me thought about the mith this society has about the life span of creativity people have, you are supposed to run out of if by the middle of your life, that is depressing.
I like this quote:Art is creativity without strategy. I also think creativity involves exploration, freedom and connection.
There is another talk from ted about the subject:
where he opens the debate wheter schools or traditional teaching kills or impairs our creating habilities, it is very interesting that talk also.
I was also wondering how exactely is the relation between creativity and inspiration.

Ok, hope you found interesting my words

Take care a lot

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