Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life is But a Dream

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The video we’ve linked to below is found a few places on YouTube, under a number of names, one of which is "Reality's a Dream". As you'll see, though, the video's real name is "The Quantum Apocalypse". Searching the internet for that particular video title gets tricky now, because there is a science fiction TV drama released in 2010 called "Quantum Apocalypse", and I see a few people are posting the movie we're looking at here thinking that it’s a trailer for that TV show: a bit of confusion out there! As you'll see at the end of this video, two people calling themselves Holofractalist and Faster Than Light used various other youtube sources to edit together the movie we're looking at here.

A direct link to the above video is at

This video is a great collection of ideas that I've talked about regularly in my book and this blog. I particularly liked the title "Reality's a Dream" being applied to it because it connects these ideas from quantum physics and philosophy back to blog entries like The Comedian (where I talk about Bill Hicks, who appears in this video), Jumping Jesus (based on an idea from Robert Anton Wilson, another person appearing here), Where Are You? (which includes mention of a dream of universal connectedness recounted by comedian Joe Rogan, who tells us he was very high when he came up with this idea), and You Are Me and We are All Together (in which I recount a very similar dream I experienced around the same time, although I was cold sober).

Joe's dream came to him in a boat off the coast of Hawaii. In my blog entry Dreaming of Electric Sheep I quoted from that deeply mystical nursery rhyme, Row Row Row Your Boat: "life is but a dream". In entries like An Expanding 4D Sphere and The Holographic Universe, I've suggested that our Cosmological Horizon is like we're on a boat in the middle of the ocean, except that this boat is not on a 3D sphere like planet earth, it's a finite but unbounded 4D hypersphere - and that's the beginning of a way to imagine how all these hidden connections can start to make sense.

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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Fred said...

Liked many of the statements in the video. But the music track got really annoying. (They should have had one of Rob's tunes for background. Anything but that acending BOOM LA LA LA, BOOM LA LA LA,....
As far as our conciousness existing because we're imagining ourselves, sounds a tad arrogant and a lot speculatory to me.

eivind said...

i like that video, its like a wakeup call to rethink my place in the universe i have created.

Anonymous said...

"The Quantum Apocalypse of The Holographic Universe" what is the name of the background song?

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