Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dancing on the Timeline

We've asked this question before - what would the 3rd dimension look like if you could observe it from outside of the limited "now" of our arrow of time perspective? Here's a trippy video that (in a way) plays with that idea. Check out "Dancing on the Timeline":

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In When's a Knot Not a Knot, we looked at the following video and I made this comment:
"How would our own reality look if you could see more than just 3D? Watch this interesting video and think about how similar it is to watching a rotating hypercube."

In Playing Games in Extra Dimensions, we talked about a new iPhone/iPod game called Hipercubo that asks you to manipulate a hypercube (or "tesseract"). And in Hypercubes and Plato's Cave we looked at a classic animation of a rotating hypercube. Now, here's a new, better quality rotating hypercube animation put up by a techno artist calling themselves f(x), the soundtrack for this animation is a cut from their new album. The description for this animation says:

The tesseract is a four-dimensional object, and is rotating on the Y and W axes in this animation. Even though it looks like it is morphing, all the edges are the same length, and all angles are 90 degrees. (Thanks to Jason Hise for the image!)

A direct link to the above video is at
The youtube channel this clip comes from is Kyodo8, I'm sure you could contact them if you're interested in purchasing their f(x) music tracks.

Finally, speaking of buying music, here's the new video again for my song Crop Circles, but this version has lyrics superimposed. If you'd like to buy a high-quality mp3 of this song, as performed by Rob Bob and Roberta, it's part of a 10 song package available for download from the Tenth Dimension Digital Items Store.

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And while you're there, take a look at the downloadable pdf of my new book O is for Omniverse, which for the month of February is on special for $10.

A direct link to the above video is at

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

PS - Thanks to my friend Frank, who suggested I go to to see what some of the "Crop Circles are Real" researchers have to say about the topic.

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