Monday, April 19, 2010

Vibrations and Fractals

Last time, in "Vibrations" we returned to the idea that if our reality is defined by extra-dimensional patterns, then some of these will be repeating or oscillating, and the subject of vibrations follows naturally from that idea.

Another idea that comes up regularly when talking about the nature of reality is fractals. Thinking about fractals as recursive, repetitive patterns also gives us a way to think about how a fractal pattern could be thought of as a vibration.

Does this talk seem too nebulous? Here's a youtube movie demonstrating a fascinating program called Photosounder which turns pictures into sound, and sound into pictures. Check it out!

A direct link to the above video is at

I'm particularly fascinated with moments like these:

0:27 - this is a picture (turned on its side) of a waterfall. At this moment, when the player passes over the water we change to a completely different "glassy" audio texture
1:36 - this image is a representation of DNA, it's what is called a "DNA gel". Ever wonder what your DNA "sounds" like?
1:44 - I love the vaguely industrial connection between the visual and the sound on this image
2:42 - the strangely beautiful "song" of a spider's web
The above movie is really only the tip of a much larger iceberg. The Photosounder channel at youtube and the Photosounder Blog give you lots of additional demonstrations of what's possible with this powerful program, which is available from (and hey, I'm not affiliated with the company, I just think this is cool software!).

Other blogs where we've talked about fractals, Sierpinski Triangles, Koch Snowflakes, the Golden Ratio, and sacred geometry include Nassim Haramein, Monkeys Love Metallica, The Invariant Set, Just Six Things: the I Ching, and Dreaming of Electric Sheep.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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Anonymous said...

so when you write that:

"... if our reality is defined by extra-dimensional patterns, then some of these will be repeating or oscillating ..."

i guess i don't understand. this seems to assume that there is not absolute chaos in our reality. and, let's say that some of these patterns did repeat, would they necessarily be the same precise pattern or just similar due to the idea that the pattern derives from something entirely different (marked by time, perhaps, assuming that exists here),

this is all know to me, which is why i ask.


Rob Bryanton said...

Hi edwardbear, just spent some time over at your blog, eclectic and fascinating. You ask a very good question here. Have you watched this video yet?

Think about the flatlander's world. If I pass through the flatlander's world once, he will see my cross sections grow and shrink, but unless I cross through multiple times there will be no discernible pattern, it will to the flatlander appear to be "just a bunch of stuff that happened" as Homer Simpson has so eloquently put it.

Now what if I had one of those paddles with a rubber ball on an elastic. The flatlander could see the cross section of the ball pass through his world again and again as I play with my paddleball. If I tied a rock to a string and swung it around my head a similar but different pattern could be observed by the flatlander.

Taking this idea up to our own dimensions and higher then we see the same possible implications - there could be extra dimensional events passing through our observed reality only once, which would have their effect and be gone with little discernible structure, but there could also be patterns defined by rotations or oscillations, and their repeating patterns would, after a while, give us some confidence in suspecting that the same pattern is going to repeat in a manner similar to what it has up to now.

Have you read this blog entry?
It explores a similar tangent in a more metaphysical way.

Thanks for writing!

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