Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Each in Our Own Filter Bubble?

Some of my most viewed blog entries in the last while have been about the world of memes, and how those relate so nicely to my approach to visualizing the dimensions. Rebecca Black and QWOP, Turtles and the Tenth Dimension, and Turtles and Timelike Entanglement have all been about this topic, and the first of those entries in particular referred back to something I've been working on every week since the beginning of 2008: The Google Suggestions Time Capsule Project.

Now watch this excellent new TED Talks video about the automatic personalized filtering that's becoming more and more prevalent in the world of internet searches.

This video begs the question: with the Google Suggestions Time Capsule Project, could I be unwittingly revealing things about my own internet habits? It's food for thought!

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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