Friday, October 26, 2012

Imagining 10 Dimensions - the Movie

Depending upon what kind of a device you're using, many visitors to this blog will be able to see ten little numbered boxes across the top of this video - clicking on a number will jump you to that part of this movie where that number is discussed. I notice that in some browsers these numbers are covered up by the title of the video which drops down. If you're encountering that problem try going to this direct link to the above video, which is at Enjoy!

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Tritalas said...

Thank you, Rob! Thank you! This theory is exactly what I was looking for. With your enjoyable animations you helped me understand better the theory.
Now I'm wondering this: What if there are more than one multiverses? By saying this I mean worlds so completelly different than ours that we can't even imagine them because they are competelly unknown to us and this means worlds not made by matter or energy or particles at all but something else!

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