Saturday, January 12, 2013

Common Criticisms part 3

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This is a discussion of ten proposed reasons for why Henry of the popular YouTube channel minutephysics and his supporters are saying people shouldn't watch my videos. See part 1 here. See part 2 here.

Reason #3: Because Rob Bryanton is only making videos to get rich and sell his book.

Imagining the Tenth Dimension has always been about the discussion of a set of ideas that I first became fascinated with over 30 years ago. But these videos are at best my hobby. Is it a bad thing that I make any money at all from something I'm passionate about? Some of minutephysic's supporters say yes, that's a bad thing.
To make it perfectly clear that I'm not doing this to get rich, in July 2009 I posted a non-copy-protected pdf of my book to bit torrent, and that book continues to be shared on numerous torrent sites in distribution numbers that I find hard to fathom. But since my goal has always been just to get people talking about these ideas, I'm thrilled to see people all over the world downloading and reading my book.

Meanwhile... since minutephysics, as he now rapidly approaches 100 million views on his year-and-a-half-old channel is obviously making substantial money from his click-through ads, his sponsors, his t-shirt sales, and whatever other merchandising plans he has in the works, I'm sure he's a very happy camper. So do I think it's a bad thing that Henry is making stacks of cash from his videos? Of course not, I'm a fan and I've told him so. And what's wrong with people making some money from a project that they care about?


Oneness Manifestation said...

You rock BoB, your work is brilliant and through your work I have come to understand the 10 dimensions in a way that I thought was impossible for a layman like me.
Keep up the good work. I know one day the way you see the 10 dimensions will become common fact. Just like it is common fact that is world is round.

I also admire the way you have handled and replied to minute physics attempt to crush your website. You are a genuine honourable man and the rest of the world could take a leaf out of your book.

Also how do you create such wondeful presenatations, what software do you use.

I just love it


Rob Bryanton said...

Thanks Paul, much appreciated! I create my presentations using Final Cut Pro on an old MacBook I've owned since 2006, it just keeps chugging along without a problem so no need to upgrade.
Best regards,

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