Thursday, March 21, 2013

Imagining Ten Dimensions in Two Minutes

A direct link to the above video can be found at This continues a discussion of ten proposed reasons for why critics of Imagining the Tenth Dimension are saying people shouldn't watch my videos. See part 1 here. See part 2 here. See part 3 here. See part 4 here. See part 5 here. See part 6 here. See part 7 here. See part 8 here.

Reason #9: Because it's confusing.
At the core of this project is a simple set of repeating logical steps. This time let's try to imagine these ten spatial dimensions again, using a slightly different approach:

Start with a point, zero dimensions.
Many points make a line, one dimension.
Do any one of these 1D lines pass through every possible point? No. Other lines can be used to create a plane, in two dimensions.
From the second dimension, the third dimension is what you would "jump through" to instantaneously move from one position to another, or to move to a completely different two dimensional plane.
Many planes make a space, three dimensions.
Many "frames" of space make a worldline, or some call this a "pseudo-Euclidean Minkowski space", four dimensions.
Do any one of these 4D worldlines pass through every possible 3D "frame"? No. Other worldlines can be used to create a probability plane in five dimensions.
But for you and I, as creatures made out of 3D atoms and molecules, our 4D worldline is constructed from 3D frames that are each one planck unit apart. It's because of our unique vantage point that we can only experience these five dimensions one frame at a time (making the fifth dimension appear "curled up at the planck length" from our perspective), despite the fact that it's really from this much larger 5D construct that our observed reality is being derived.
But let's keep going.
From the fifth dimension, the sixth dimension is what you would "jump through" to instantaneously move from one position to another, or to move to a completely different five dimensional plane. Many probability planes make a phase space representing all possible outcomes for a unique universe such as ours, 6 dimensions.
Many different phase spaces representing different unique universes make a "line", seven dimensions.
Do any one of these 7D lines pass through every possible 6D "universe"? No. Other lines can be used to create a phase plane of physical universes, in 8 dimensions.
From the eighth dimension, the ninth dimension is what you would "jump through" to instantaneously move from one position to another, or to jump to a completely different eight dimensional phase plane.
Many phase planes make an information space, nine dimensions. By now we are beyond the physical, dealing only with information patterns that describe general tendencies towards one kind of existence over another, or patterns that can't even be expressed as physical universes at all.
And finally, perceiving of this 9D construct as a single ultimate ensemble takes our visualization to the tenth dimension, a single, timeless "everything", in ten dimensions.


Linda H said...

Hi Rob,
Here is something I would like your comment on:

Imagine you live in a world where you have back-and-forth freedom in time, and back-and forth freedom in two of the three 'spatial' dimensions. But in one spatial dimension, let's call it 'left-right,' you can only move left. Other than that, all aspects of our lives are the same.

So, you could go from being an infant to an adult, and back to being a teenager 'at will.' But every movement you make in time and the other two spatial dimensions, also takes you a certain distance left. You can never go right.

Am I fundamentally misunderstanding something, in framing this scenario? It occurs to me that we can't have freedom to go instantly from infant to adult, until the infant has formed the concepts of time and adulthood.

You said somewhere that 'duration' was a better word for the dimension we experience as time. That resonates. Could we still be creatures of entropic processes in my scenario?

Linda H said...

btw, just reverse left and right in my previous post, and you have a good description of politics in the USA for the last 30 years or so - the only possible movement was to the right :o)

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