Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gevin Giorbran - Gone but Not Forgotten

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My good friend Gevin Giorbran passed away unexpectedly this week. Gevin had some amazing insights into the nature of reality and the ultimate fate of the universe, this and much more can be found in his book "Everything Forever: Learning to See Timelessness".

At the core of Gevin's ideas is a beautiful and simple concept, one which ties together very nicely with my own thinking about how our reality is constructed, and Gevin and I had many lively conversations about the ramifications of this over the past year. The above video was recorded in December, and our intention was to do more of these in the months to come but now that is not to be. Please take a look, and also go to Gevin's website for more insight into this man's marvelous mind.

Is Gevin enjoying the journey even now? That's a painful question to consider, but I do believe that we are all patterns in the information that is reality, and parts of the pattern that once was Gevin Giorbran now continue on through his writing, and our memories of him - whether that be through videos like the one in this blog or other more personal memories.

But is the very specific pattern that was Gevin still with us now on this particular timeline, or has that pattern been subsumed back into the larger whole, the Omega state of enfolded symmetry that he wrote about so beautifully? That is a large question indeed.

I will continue to support Gevin's ideas: I believe he was a visionary thinker whose theories will one day be confirmed by the mainstream, and I am grateful to be able to say that I knew him as a friend.

Enjoy the journey!



Anonymous said...

Dear Rob, to better understand Gevin, I ask you to please offer any information and opinions you may have as to how and why Gevin decided to end his life. I cannot find any info about this on the search engines or anywhere. I had intended to go visit him to personally get to know such a gifted spirit and to encourage him to be patient. Even though that is no longer possible in this particular reality, I still consider him my good friend and wish him well.

Anonymous said...

I think he is not dead

CJ Stokes said...

I just came across his work this evening. I would have loved to have the opportunity to speak with him. It is uncanny how my beliefs of time and life are in alignment with his. I noticed that he mentions Einsten, Feynman, and Hawkings theories on time; but, I didn't see him reference John, meaning the Gospel of John. The concept that all time is simultaneous is right there in the first paragraph. "In the beginning was the Word, ... and through him all that was created, was created." Also, the existence of the Holy Trinity can only be understood in the absence of linear time.
In my heart, I believe that he saw a glimpse of the truth. However, the world is still too immature to be able to handle such a significant paradigm shift and it shall be a long time before they are ready and even longer before they will appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I have an Equation that backs up what Giobran is stating. It appears that you already know it but dancing around the answer?
I feel I should somehow copy write it before releasing it to the world. I used the old motto K.I.S.S.( keep it simple stupid). Would Love to know what is the next step I should take. You seem to think that the world is ready for the truth. You know that once something is learned there is no way of forgetting.

Anonymous said...

What if there was a way to better insure (physically) the human race's chance to evolve in another universe's timeline, like adding another coin flip to the equation)and if so could we have been our own creators? All living things strive to keep the odds in their favor.

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