Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tenth Dimension Polls Archive 1

I've been enjoying Blogger's "Poll" function, and had been leaving all of my old polls up on the page, but it has been pointed out to me this can cause problems for visitors with slower internet connections. So, in the interest of providing an enjoyable experience for all, I'm pulling down the older polls and placing screen grabs of the final results here. Thank you to everyone who cast their votes in these old polls, and for continuing to do so in the new ones, I appreciate your participation!

Poll #1: What is "Imagining the Tenth Dimension" about?
(poll ended Oct 25 2007)
A useful starting point. About half of our visitors voted for the answer I'm aiming for ("All of the Above"), while a third said this project is about Physics and Cosmology, and a fifth said it's about Philosophy and Spirituality. There weren't a huge number of participants in this first poll so a single additional vote would still have caused these relative percentages to jump around somewhat, but nonetheless this helped to make the point I was hoping for: people come to this project with their own sets of interests, some have more specific areas they respond to, some are generalists. All are welcome, but of course this means not everyone will come away from this with the same impression of what it is I'm trying to do here.

Next: Poll 2 - Was Kaluza right about the fifth dimension?

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