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Being More Fifth-Dimensional

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Back in March 2007 I wrote a blog entry called "Death?" in which I played with the idea that dogs might be more tuned into what I often refer to as the bush-like branching structure of possible futures from the fifth-dimensional probability space that we are each navigating through. Here's a quote from that blog entry:

I am reminded of Al Gore's story, "it was like a man from the future came back to tell me about the bad things that were going to happen". Warnings from the future can come in many shapes and sizes. Dogs use well-developed senses like smell and hearing which are better at telling the future than the more immediate senses such as touch or taste - by the time you can touch or taste impending death, it is probably too late. If you can "smell trouble brewing", you stand a better chance of survival. Are dogs from a bit in our own future then? Sure, if you'd like to think of it that way. The early warning system that a dog can provide is not that different from Al Gore's man from the future: because dogs sometimes know when bad stuff is coming before the rest of us do. Being able to smell things or hear things that are further away in time and space than what we humans are capable of gives them that power.
Now, here's a few quotes from the 1993 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Kary Mullis.
I think there is so much more in existence besides matter, energy, and time. Nineteenth-century physics had those in an orderly arrangement, but it is too weird to be just that.
If you think about yourself as something going through time, how thick are you? You've got a have a certain finite "thickness" in time, or you wouldn't exist. So you might be a fraction of a second, or a second wide, or five, sliding through time.
It might be that certain parts of you are weeks, months, or years wide. Or maybe some part of you is "now" all the time--from your birth (or maybe even before birth) to your death. Some part of you is in the future at any moment, and some part of you is in the past, because you couldn't possibly be just in this infinitesimally thin thing we call "now"--because there wouldn't be room you in there!
These Kary Mullis quotes are from the book I mentioned two entries ago, "Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse". Please check David Jay Brown's books out, lots of stimulating food for thought: and regular readers of this blog, I trust, will be able to see that there are an awful lot of parallels between Dr. Mullis's ideas about reality and my own. As I've said many times, these unexpected connections between people from radically different backgrounds who all seem to be heading towards the same central set of ideas is a major theme of my project.

Are you more fifth-dimensional? Are you tuned in to the probability space that opens before you, and taking joy in the tiny moments of synchronicity and intuition that just might be glimpses of a wider, more fifth-dimensional perspective?

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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