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God 2.0

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Last entry we talked about the "daily parrying" that would cause some people to look at a blog titled "God 2.0" and automatically assume that what is going to be talked about will be non-scientific meandering about the world of the spiritual and the metaphysical. If you're familiar with my blog or my book, you will already know that I am more interested in the middle ground - a place where philosophy and physics, spirituality and science can find ways to agree that they are really thinking about the same things.

The Skeptic
Michael Shermer is the well-known publisher of Skeptic Magazine, and Michael's goal has been to poke holes in the questionable claims of fringe science, the paranormal, and a wide range of other areas that he has targeted with his razor-sharp debunking skills. This is why I found it quite marvelous when I picked up the July issue of Scientific American, and found that Mr. Shermer's regular column this issue is entitled "Sacred Science: can emergence break the spell of reductionism and put spirituality back into nature?".

Reinventing the Sacred
Mr. Shermer's article is about a fellow who comes from my neighboring province of Alberta, Canada: Stuart Kauffman, founding director of the Institute for Biocomplexity and Informatics at the University of Calgary, who has written a book called "Reinventing the Sacred". To quote from Michael Shermer's article about the book:

Kauffman reverses the reductionist's causal arrow with a comprehensive theory of emergence and self-organization that he says 'breaks no laws of physics' and yet cannot be explained by them. God 'is our chosen name for the ceaseless creativity in the natural universe, biosphere and human cultures,' Kauffman declares.
I have spent time with Stu Kauffman... he is one of the most spiritual scientists I know, a man of inestimable warmth and ecumenical tolerance, and his God 2.0 is a deity worthy of worship. But I am skeptical that it will displace God 1.0, Yahweh, whose Bronze Age program has been running for 6,000 years on the software of our brains and culture.
Creativity and the "now"
I've talked many times here about the role of creativity in our universe, and how ideas from quantum physicist John Wheeler and professor of cognitive science Douglas Hofstadter can be tied together to show us how a self-excited loop can create not just a universe but life and consciousness as well. In my book I used physicist Richard Feynman's sum over paths idea to show how the past is just as probabilistic as we know the future to be. Now that Anton Zeilinger is publishing the results of experiments he and his team in Vienna have conducted that prove that we are operating in a probabilistic cloud where the only thing that is truly real for us is the constantly moving "now" of our observed reality, the ideas I proposed are being confirmed: and as John Wheeler suggested, this means that there are some indeterminate elements of the past that can be changed by our current observation. As I've been saying here, this means we can all select new trajectories from our current "now" at any time that launch us off on a new path, and accepting the indeterminate nature of the past is key to understanding how much power we are talking about here. As I discussed in Changing Your Genes, the scientific study that shows we are able to switch off and on various genes simply through changes in lifestyle and changes in attitude gives us a glimpse of how the past is not as carved in stone as we've been led to believe: because quantum physics is proving that our currently observed reality is derived from a multiverse of possible choices that exist in both the future and the past for our universe at any particular "now".

Enfolded Symmetry
Scientists like Sean Carroll, David Deutsch, and (of course) Richard Dawkins are atheists. I reference their work regularly with this project. I believe the Dawkins concept of genes as a "River Out of Eden" and memes as ideas that can be transmitted or shared without loss across time and space are both very useful and enlightened ways of imagining the underlying timelessness of our reality. My way of imagining how our reality is constructed agrees with Dr. Carroll's ideas about an equilibrium state which is "outside the system". My project also agrees with the Deutsch team's proof that the parallel worlds resulting from chance and choice are directly equivalent to the probabilistic results of quantum mechanics. Now, here's something new: the June 14 2008 issue of New Scientist Magazine has an article about the award-winning work of mathematicians John Thompson and Jacques Tits, who have offered some mind-expanding proofs about how our amazing universe is derived from symmetries in the higher dimensions. This idea is related to Garrett Lisi's eight-dimensional E8 symmetry group, which I've referred to a number of times in this blog, and which I believe ties back into my project as well: by the time you have imagined an Omniverse which expresses all possible patterns of mass and energy, there is an equilibrium state where all of those possible patterns enfold back into a balance, where everything fits together into a perfect symmetry, which is the natural underlying state. Our universe is defined by higher dimensional patterns which give it its unique laws of physics and its breathtaking intricacy, right from the quarks and neutrinos up to the universe as a whole and all of its possible "spacetime tree" of expressions. In that sense, our cosmos is just a temporary deviation which has been set in motion by the breaking of that symmetry, and our line of time is a return to that perfectly balanced zero which existed before our universe began and which we'll return to after our universe has run its course.

God 2.0
So, while some would object to calling Stuart Kauffman's patterns of emergence that feed back on themselves to create our beautiful and complex universe "God", perhaps "God 2.0" is a useful way to reset our thinking about all this: all we are really talking about here is how higher dimensional patterns could be responsible for the universe we find ourselves in to be selected from the multiverse of all other possible universes, which ultimately, are all part of the Omniverse, where information equals reality. And that is a beautiful thing, worthy of our praise and our wonder.

Here is a song about that very idea: "Thankful".

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Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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Stephen McClard said...

Here's my story. My son and I were talking dimensions and discussing the potential for God in the theory. We were on the road to see family. We then watched your first video on dimensions. On the way to the family reunion, we both came to the conclusion that the seventh dimension is God. Of course, the bible states that 7 is perfection for God. I then watched the rest of your videos, especially the one on God and the 7th Dimension. Here is my last conclusion which I posted on your video above.

Is it possible that our galaxy is merely a randomly reflected potential of all others around it? Each star is then a randomly reflected potential of all others in our galaxy. Each conscious being is merely a randomly reflected potential being of the same universe, and so on until we reach the smallest quantum particle. Each of these swirling around the mathematics of the golden mean in perfect symmetry toward the center of each spiral. Did I just solve your puzzle? The tension is killing me. My Blogger is superiored.

Rob Bryanton said...

Hi Stephen, I enjoyed your blog entry on organizing band trips. I attended university to become a high school music teacher, but got an opportunity to take a semester off to become a full-time musician, and I'm still taking that semester off. 8)

I like your description. I think it's important to add that the selection pattern some call God is not random, but the defining structure that creates order from chaos, breaking the underlying symmetry to choose one particular universe (such as ours) from out of all possible expressions of matter and energy. As physicist Sean Carroll says, our universe is a temporary deviation from symmetry, which means our universe arose from symmetry, and will ultimately return to symmetry at its conclusion. This differs from the entropy-driven viewpoint, which says our universe was highly ordered at the beginning, and will wind down towards a meaningless heat death of maximum entropy at its end.

Is there a contradiction here? Equating chaos with maximum symmetry has more to do with our point of view of being in a universe which does not encompass all possible universes - the underlying symmetry which contains the potential for everything else is nature's resting state. Choosing one particular universe from out of all that potential is what the selection pattern ("God 2.0") does to create a universe.

You might enjoy these more recent blogs where I've talked about the golden spiral and underlying higher dimensional geometries:

Enjoy the journey!


Unknown said...

Here's an idea i come up with after seeing some videos of yours. I think that if i'ts real the thing about the omniverse, then each of us will actually be in our own universe, like this, every time you make a choice, you change to the universe from all of the others infinite universes of possibilities, to the one that applies to your choice, but the only thing that will actually change is You, due to the choice you made; you could then do things you couldn't before, like smoke if you didn't cause of moral instruction, etc. although we interact with others, we cannot change them unless they choose to, so we interact with present choices of persons, (choices of their own) they can do what they want accoding to the universe where they are! but we will always have them with us, it's like everyone has their own developing tree where they choose the next path, God being above this, knows the end from the begginning since he sees the decisions we made, the path we choose, and perhaps just like history repeats itself, we repeat patterns as well, so he already knows how you will turn out, since someone in the past, did it to! (same desicions, no matter what time or era he, you, the next baby lived, lives or will live) We cannot affect someone else if they CHOOSE not to care for what we do, but we are raised to care, and not let someone step over us, but you could CHOOSE not to let it reach you, but if we like take his,her life then that's the only thing that we can actually change in someone else's universe as our own choice for he,she,it will dissapear from all of the other universes!! So, what do you think??

Rob Bryanton said...

Dear Aaron,
Exactly right! That sums it up for me as well. Have you read "You are a point at the centre of spacetime"? I'd be curious to hear your reaction to that one!

Thanks for writing!

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