Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recursive Mouth Boy

People often comment on the loop that is hidden within the tenth dimension animation - we start at "0" with a point of indeterminate size, we end up at "10" with a gigantic indeterminate field of all possibilities, which is really just an all-encompassing point of indeterminate size, the zero of enfolded symmetry.

In other words, what we've arrived at is a recursion. I've spoken in my book and my blog about Douglas Hofstadter, whose "I Am a Strange Loop" brilliantly explores how recursion is an integral part of consciousness, and of course my project is continually talking about quantum mechanics, which has this mystery of consciousness entwined within it whether a scientist wants to acknowledge that or not: I've recommended Rosenblum and Kuttner's "Quantum Enigma" for a clear-headed discussion of that mystery.

Which leads me to this disturbing little gem I stumbled across over at Clifford Pickover's Reality Carnival:

To which Dr. Pickover adds this comment:

Examine this haunting animation carefully.
Enjoy the sheer horror of watching a human being emerge from his own mouth.
Do spend some time over at Reality Carnival, lots of interesting links and food for the brain from the outer edges of reality, updated daily.

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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