Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tom Huston Interviews Rob Bryanton

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As I mentioned in Dr. Mel's 4D Glasses: one year ago, editor Tom Huston of EnlightenNext magazine (which, until recently, was known as What is Enlightenment? magazine) conducted a telephone interview with me intended for the magazine's WIE Unbound website. Now, with the kind permission of Tom Huston, and of the publishers of that magazine, the raw recordings of that interview have been released to me. The above video takes our interview and provides some additional text overlays and graphics, which I hope you will find adds some useful layers to the discussion. If you prefer the audio-only version of this interview, then here it is again:

You can listen to this file right now using the above embedded player. Also, an mp3 of this interview is available for download from under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share-Alike license - click here to download the file, which you should then be able to play in your iPod or other audio devices.

Whether you prefer to watch the streaming video version, the streaming audio version, or if you prefer to download the file for your own use, you are basically getting the same content, but as I said, the streaming video version does provide some additional text commentary and graphics. I'd like to make special note of a letter I quote in the video version only, this is a letter I recently received from "Dina" in Maine, USA. Dina had a particularly touching message for me:

Dear Rob Bryanton,

Just taking the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book. It is
challenging reading yet also 'just right' for anyone who wants to better understand the concept of timeand the lack of it, and allows us to imagine the universe beyond what we see in front of our nose.

Additionally, I read it a few months after I lost my most wonderful husband. I was lucky enough to have shared withhim the last 7 years of his life. Towards the end of the book you talk about life, about free choice, decisions and paths we take, the limitation of it, and our place in the universe.

This chapter felt like it was written directly for me. It was also the right prescription for me while going through mourning him and dealing with the huge void he had left me with. In a way it really helped me see things in perspective, and allowed me to look more philosophically
at what had happened to us.

I do thank your for this, and the interesting reading that had enlarged life's scope for me. I recommended your book to several of my friends.

Thanks again. Wishing you many years of productive and creative thinking and writing.


Maine, USA.

And thank you, Dina, your kind words mean so much to me. When I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall, moments like the one when I first read your uplifting message are what make me believe that what I am doing here has some worth.

And to everyone out there who has been following along as we discover more and more connections: thank you for your support. Enjoy the journey!


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