Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tenth Dimension Polls Archive 21

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Poll 21 - "This project uses lines, branches, and folds as a way to visualize the relationship between dimensions. A "wormhole" can be thought of as a dimensional folding." Poll ended August 22, 2008.

The image below is from the wikipedia article on "wormholes", and it appears to visually confirm what most visitors to this blog are willing to agree with - 97% agreed that a wormhole can be thought of as a dimensional folding.

It's interesting how some of the greatest minds of the twentieth century - Einstein, Wheeler, Feynman, Hawking, etc. - tried to get everyone to perceive that in the big picture the distinctions between past, present and future are meaningless, because ultimately there is an underlying fabric in which all of those states exist simultaneously. The concept of wormholes, then, which is not just from science fiction but which has been seriously explored by modern physicists such as Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawking, shows us what might happen when that fabric is "folded".

My own project also asks people to use "folding" as one of the ways to visualize the dimensions, and in fact when any dimension is folded it must be folded through the dimension above. This is easy to picture with a flat piece of paper - if that paper were two-dimensional we could fold it through the third dimension to allow instantaneous transportation from one position to another.

So, as Gevin Giorbran so ably demonstrated, "timelessness" is another way of describing that simultaneous underlying fabric that Einstein and those that came after him were trying to get us to imagine. I've been waving a large flag to point out that Einstein eventually agreed with Kaluza that the field equations for gravity and light are resolved in the fifth dimension, and if we are imagining that our 4D spacetime is being bent or folded, what is it being folded through? The fifth dimension. For some reason, that's an idea whose time has not come yet, but when it does I believe many of the mysteries of quantum entanglement, "spooky action at a distance" and other more metaphysical questions will have an answer - it's because our 4D reality comes from a fifth dimensional probability space.

In my blog entry "Wormholes", I played with this idea further - since my way of visualizing the dimensions assigns unique characteristics to each dimension, then that would mean that wormholes through one dimension or another would have different effects. To close, here's the video for that blog entry.

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Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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Anonymous said...

Well, I am new here, having arrived from the link sent out by Enlighten. I read a few of the posts and watched the 11 min video.
I love science and have been facinated for years with the mystery of time, always knowing my limited experience of it was just that limited. Your points are interesting but I am indeed lost. I look forward to following your posts in hopes I might actually get it at some point.
But for now, I will take your advice and enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton said...

Thank you, harmony/goldenzen, I love the beautiful thoughts you've posted at your blog.

There are many ways into this way of visualizing reality, and I have tried to present a number of them here in various blog entries and vlog entries. On November 1st I plan to release a 47 minutes video here in my blog which explores my ideas in an interview conducted by Tom Huston of EnlightenNext magazine, it's possible that could be a useful tool for you for finding your way in to what I'm describing.
Welcome to the tenth dimension blog, I look forward to hearing from you further!

Enjoy the journey,

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