Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top Ten Tenth Dimension Blogs - October Report

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As of October 21st, 2008, here are the blogs that have seen the most visits in the last 30 days. Please note, for both of the following lists, the number in brackets is the position that blog held in the report for the previous month.

1. Time in 3 Dimensions (7)
2. Crossed Wires in the Brain (new)
3. Why Do We Need More Than 3 Dimensions (new)
4. The Placebo Effect (new)
5. The Omniverse Almanac and the Federal Reserve (new)
6. The Past is an Illusion (new)
7. The Omniverse Almanac (new)
8. I Know You, You Know Me (new)
9. Foreword to Giorbran's Acclaimed Book (new)
10. Gevin Giorbran - Everything is Forever (new)

And as of October 21st, 2008, here are the twenty-six Imagining the Tenth Dimension blog entries that have attracted the most visits of all time. Entries that are new or have climbed this month are marked in bold.

1. Time is a Direction (1)
2. Video Feedback (3)
3. Twisted Dimensions (new)
4. Moving Dimensions and Synchromysticism (17)
5. Tenth Dimension Polls Archive 1 to 10 (2)
6. Daily Parrying (9)
7. The Annotated Tenth Dimension Video (13)
8. The Google Suggestions Time Capsule Project (4)
9. Magnets and Souls (11)
10. Wormholes (16)
11. The Flipbook Universe (5)
12. Dark Energy, Linelanders, and the LHC (21)
13. Randomness and the Missing 96% (new)
14. The Fifth Dimension is a Dangerous Idea (6)
15. Tenth Dimension Polls Archive 16 - 20 (new)
16. The Omniverse (10)
17. Tenth Dimension TagCrowd (7)
18. Infinity and the Boltzmann Brains (8)
19. Unlikely Events and Timelessness (new)
20. Changing Your Genes - Part 2 (new)
21. Google, Memes and Randomness (12)
22. Googling in the Tenth Dimension (14)
23. Hypercubes and Plato's Cave (15)
24. David Jay Brown and Psychedelics (new)
25. The Spacetime Tree (new)
26. Jake Kotze and Mystical Numbers (new)

By the way, if you are new to this project, you might want to check out the Tenth Dimension FAQ, as it provides a road map to a lot of the discussions and different materials that have been created for this project. If you are interested in the 26 songs attached to this project, this blog shows a video for each of the songs and provides more links with lyrics and discussion. The Annotated Tenth Dimension Video provides another cornucopia of discussion topics to be connected to over at YouTube. And as always, here's a reminder that the Tenth Dimension Forum is a good place to converse with other people about these ideas.

Enjoying the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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Gilboron said...

I just recently discovered that on mezzacotta (a daily web comic I follow on the net) there was an article on multiple dimensions/universes: http://www.mezzacotta.net/singles/create_a_universe.php

Thought you might be interested in it.

Rob Bryanton said...

Thanks, Arne, that's a fun one. Have you read my blog entry "Scrambled Eggs"? It's about the opposite side of that same thought.

Thanks for writing!


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