Sunday, October 5, 2008

Foreword to Giorbran's Acclaimed Book

Last blog, we talked about Gevin Giorbran's "Everything Forever". Here's Gevin's Foreword to that book, which sums a lot of things up quite nicely:


If someone picks up this book and reads only this one page I want them to be left knowing what is to come in the future. In 1998 astrophysicists discovered that the expansion of our universe is accelerating. We all know the universe is accelerating away from the dense and hot conditions of the big bang, but what are we now accelerating towards? Recently physicists are beginning to state openly that time ends in the future with our universe evolving into empty space. Of course empty space is the ultimate zero, the bottom end to all physics. If our universe reaches zero all space will be stretched perfectly flat and no matter will remain. A single unified space will then extend infinitely in all directions. So is this final space the ultimate nothingness? Actually many physicists and mathematicians think of zero as the most ordered state of all possibilities. Zero is balance. Zero is perfect symmetry. But what is this ultimate zero doing in our future? The answer is that zero is timelessness. Absolute zero is the timeless quantum superposition of all the universes that exist. Zero is the great sum of all. An ultimate zero has always existed, and will always exist. Zero is the native state of existence, or what the physicist David Bohm, Einstein’s favorite student, called Implicate order. It sounds odd at first but we are inside zero.

Today in science the second law of thermodynamics suggests our single universe is becoming increasingly disordered with time. Many scientists claim our universe is winding down and dying of disorder. It is certainly true that entropy, the measure of spent energy, is always increasing. However, half of the second law is wrong. Our universe is not becoming increasingly disordered with time. Quite the contrary, we are headed for zero, and zero is a powerful kind of order.

The timeless zero in our future is the internal complexity of everything and the outer simplicity of nothing at the same time. There cannot be the simplicity of the single whole without all the inner complexity of universes that enfold into and create zero. What zero is not, is nonexistence. As Parmenides said, nonexistence cannot be. There is no state more extreme, either less than or more than the perfect zero. Zero is the default setting of reality.

The big mystery of “why is there something rather than nothing?” is answered simply by understanding that nothing still exists. All possible moments of time and all possible universes physically exist simultaneously, because all are merely fragments of a physically real zero. In the same way all colors exist in white light, or just as all positive and negative numbers sum to zero, all the moments of time sum up to construct a greater balanced whole we call zero. Zero is like a whole pie that can be sliced up infinitely many ways, but always remains a single whole. It is a difficult mental switch to adjust to, but everything we know is less than zero, not simply more than nothing. And so our beautiful universe is not dying. The very surprising purely scientific truth, as explained in this book, is that our universe is in the process of merging with the timeless sum of all, with the infinite whole, with everything forever.

In case you missed it, the following video explains the very unusual circumstances that have led to me now being in charge of the promotion and distribution of Gevin's final masterwork.

A direct link to the above video is at

Finally, I recently came across a cool service called "Scribd" that allows you to embed pdf files into your blog. So here, to conclude, is a sample of the opening few chapters of Gevin's book, "Everything Forever". If you would like to buy a copy in hard cover or soft cover, please visit, or if you would like download a non-copy-protected pdf of the full 348-page book, please go to Profits from the sale of Gevin's work will go to the Gevin Giorbran Memorial Fund.

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Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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