Monday, October 27, 2008

Predicting the Future (Here Come the Aliens)

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In entries like David Jay Brown and Psychedelics, and Crossed Wires in the Brain, we've talked about how different some people's perception of reality can be from others. One idea that extends from that which we haven't talked about much is that what some people think of as aliens or UFOs might actually be shadows of patterns from other dimensions, or other nearby parallel universes. And last entry, we talked about having 4D Glasses, and how a 4D perspective would be constantly shifting in our probabilistic universe. This time, we're going to take those two ideas together - aliens and predicting the future.

The future is not random, it's probabilistic - which means there are only certain things that can happen now based upon what has already happened. If someone makes predictions that came true, did they do so by seeing the possible futures that lay before them?

My answer would be, why not? If those possible futures already exist within the underlying timeless structures of our reality, then isn't it possible for a person with a higher-dimensional awareness to catch glimpses of those futures?

Early this month I was hearing from people convinced that we would be contacted by benevolent aliens on October 14th: here's one of the many youtube videos posted about that, and here is a blog dedicated to the subject. We've talked about ideas like this at the tenth dimension forum a number of times - and in my book as well, I discussed how there are always a certain number of people making predictions like these throughout history. This fact takes on new significance if we're thinking about the Many Worlds Interpretation: there must be parallel universe versions of our universe where some of these persons were proved right!

Likewise, here's a video that predicts another major terrorist attack on December 13 2008. Will it come true? Or will it be like this year's much promoted ideas that the Large Hadron Collider would be causing the end of the world when it came online? We won't know for sure until we get there.

We all have moments of intuition where we sense future events coming. In fact, our brains are designed to predict the future: if we weren't able to do so we would all keep stepping out in front of fast moving vehicles and dying. A recent issue of Scientific American had an interesting article about optical illusions, and how it is that the brain's constant future-predicting function causes many of the more trippy optical illusions to function (you know, the ones that can seem to pulse or spin or vibrate). Here's an example of one of those kinds of images, this is from
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Of course, predicting what's going to happen one minute from now is not the same as predicting weeks or even centuries ahead - but the basic premise is the same, I believe, it's all part of a continuum. It still comes down to this though - if there are multiple futures, then someone who predicts the future has to be wrong some of the time, or we're back to there being only one possible timeline for our universe and no free will.

Did the aliens show up this month? Not so far as I know. Could they have? If that event is part of the wave function for our universe, then some place else in the multiverse that's what happened in October 2008.

So, if I may be so bold, let me say on behalf of that part of the multiverse: welcome, benevolent aliens!

Here to close, is one of the more popular songs from my project, and this is about the mysteries of the universe and our place within that mystery. The song is called "What I Feel For You".

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Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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ian said...

When I saw that optical illusion you posted, I couldn't help thinking of this recent article on phsyorg.

I'm not sure I understand the physics of the article, but thought it was too good of a synch-up to ignore.

...It's funny, while I was typing this, I kept misspelling physic as psychic... =)

Rob Bryanton said...

Hey, ian, thanks for the link, interesting article.

"Quantum Darwinism"? Fascinating.


ian said...

Yeah! I thought so. It reminded me of your work, describing how our choices limit and/or expand our potential 5th dimensional pathways. At least, if I'm understanding you correctly. =)

Could certain choices lead to more open-ended options, and if so, can this be a continuing and accelerating tradition? It's certainly an interesting possibility.

Also, the picture accompanying the article looks to be a representation of a quantum dot or electron or some other type of particle. If the appearance of movement in optical illusions is due to the brains attempt to navigate through "time", how appropriate that things on the quantum level also reflect such patterns.

Rob Bryanton said...

I agree, that's a very interesting implication, thanks for thinking of that connection.

The idea that our universe is accelerating its expansion at the same time as other parts of our shared experience appear to be accelerating is something I talked about back in "Tens, Google, and the Expanding Universe". But as I talked about in "Scrambled Eggs" what we still ultimately are talking about is just moving within a timeless background of states that already exist, so even if our spacetime tree of available choices appears to change the number of paths or the rate at which choices are being made available, ultimately every possible state already exists out there in the omniverse already.

That's my two bits on the idea, anyway. Thanks for the thought-provoking comments, ian!


Inuneko said...

Hi Rob. It's Inuneko from youtube.

I've already considered the many variables of what has happened, but every way I think about it, it doesn't add up, except for one explanation. I'll name the variables afterward and explain why they don't add up.

A few years ago, my friend and I had gone to pick up my cousin's then boyfriend (ex boyfriend now) a few towns over. We arrived at his place at around 12midnight, yes we had checked the clock to see how long it took us to get there. Which it took us 20minutes. He wasn't home, come to find out he had gotten someone else to pick him up to go meet my cousin and never called.

We left right after that. We were traveling on the road east to get back home. After we got past the curvy part of the road, it seemed like we drove straight for quite a while, we never saw our turnoff, since we remembered there was a big sign and an old closed down gas station and orange lights from someone lawn lights, and we never saw any of them. It seemed like we drove in a straight line for a while and before we knew it, we ended up two towns over, traveling on a road going west. When we looked at the clock, we had two hours unaccounted for, not to mention a full tank of gas, which wouldn't have been possible had we been driving for two hours.

Variables: It was daylights savings time, winter. We hadn't set the clock until after we ended up in the other town. Before resetting the clock, it was 3:00. After resetting, it was 2:00am. We lost one hour to daylights savings, but where did the other two hours go?

Full tank of gas. We don't remember stopping to fill up after we left the guy's house. There was also no way we could have because neither of us had the money to put more gas in the car, plus we don't even remember seeing a gas station until we reached the other town. Plus, there's no way to drive around for two hours and not remember and still have a full tank of gas.

Ending up traveling west? We're still not sure how this happened, unless the road somehow looped, but it still shouldn't have taken us two hours to reach a town maybe 10 minutes away. On our original route, had we turned right (south) at the turnoff (if we had even seen it on the way back), we would have gone to that town, but it still wouldn't have taken two hours. Nor would we still have a full tank of gas.

Explanation: I figure we may have been abducted, or experienced a sort of strange wormhole, but the abduction story sounds more plausible. Unless wormholes in the 3rd dimension cause you to lose time? Then I joked with my friend about it and said that when the aliens went to return us, they put us back in the wrong place. Because "we took them from a swamp, put them down here, it all looks the same to me", and we joked that it would have been funny as hell if we had ended up in the Florida Everglades.

Now that I think about it more. The alien thing could be plausible. Since if aliens are beings from another dimension, their perception of things would be different, like how we would view things in the second dimension, a jumble of confusing and useless information.

Even if we weren't abducted, it still doesn't explain the loss of two hours, a full tank of gas, and ending up traveling in the opposite direction on a different road, not to mention both of us being unable to recall what happened in those two hours.

I'd like to hear your opinion on what you think might have happened.

Also, keep up the awesome videos. Like I said on youtube, I have dialup so the load times are excruciating but I bear with them because your video blogs are worth the wait.

Louisiana, US

Rob Bryanton said...

Wow, inuneko, thanks for sharing that amazing story. Honestly, I have no way to explain what happened to you, other than it would certainly seem you went through some kind of disruption to your timeline which can't be explained.

Tell me this, did anyone from the trip have any adverse effects afterwards? Nightmares, irrational fears that weren't there before, that sort of thing?

Thanks for writing!

Inuneko said...

No, we didn't really feel any sort of effects other than confusion, and a feeling of happiness since we were able to joke about what might have happened. I do have to admit, neither of us remembers what happened after we passed the curvy part of the road and before we reached the other town. And no matter how many times I try to recall it, it's still a two hour blank.

Rob Bryanton said...

Well, inuneko, you've probably already heard about the UFO abduction stories where some people were allowed to recall what happened during a blank spot like yours under deep hypnosis. You've probably also read the debunkers who say that some of the stories of such things are fake, or are a result of the person performing the hypnosis planting suggestions during the session. But if you really feel a burning need to know, a hypnotherapist might be someone who could tease that memory back out into the light.

Personally, I would be happy to leave such an event as just one of those wonderful mysteries, since until somebody invents a time machine there's never going to be a way for us to go back and watch what really happened during that missing hour or two.

Thanks for writing,


embryodb said...

First, I'd like to say that on October 14th I was visited by the alien of electronic music, in the UFO of danger.

Second, I'd like to tie this:

"[I]f aliens are beings from another dimension, their perception of things would be different, like how we would view things in the second dimension, a jumble of confusing and useless information."

With the pothead's classic:

"What if everyone's colors were different, like your blue was my red? We would never know!"

What if (let's forget about aliens for a while here), everybody experienced time in variable speeds, and order, and patterns. Kind of like Merlin going backwards in time in The Once and Future King?

The way I'm trying to describe it, though, is as much more complicated than backwards equals forwards. What I'm saying is that the information of our reality is perceived entirely differently by each individual, but that there is some underlying similarity in our way of parsing the source code of our universe that allows us to interact in a meaningful way.

For example, Rob, someone might think that hens come from omelets, but because their perception of that process is bound by their "backwards" perception of time, this omelet to egg individual and I could have a conversation about raising poultry and over-easy embryos without any loss of information.

In short, same information, different organization.

Rob Bryanton said...

:) Nice comments. Here's another version of that classic, from Michio Kaku - if you were communicating across the galaxy to an alien species there would be no way to communicate the concept of left and right. If those aliens finally came here and you both agreed to extend your right hand (or pseudopod) in a gesture of friendship, neither of you would know until that moment whether you had successfully communicated that concept to each other.

And I agree on the chicken/egg scenario. Thanks for the comments!


Inuneko said...

I have been hypnotized before but not for memory recall, since I hadn't thought about it at the time.
Since the thought didn't present itself at the time of opportunity, it's probably meant to stay a mystery. A quite interesting and perplexing mystery that's open to many possible explanations.
Also. I've a few more interesting experiences and some thoughts I'll be putting on my blog.
My first entry is a work in progress, but I'd love to hear from some of you guys on your thoughts about it as well.

Wishing you much success

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