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A Point Within the Omniverse

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Last blog entry, we talked about the misinformation some people have spread about this project saying that it misuses the word "dimensions". We talked about how the extra dimensions that physicists are suggesting our reality comes from are spatial (or some physicists say "space-like") dimensions, and we talked about the point-line-plane postulate, which states a way to imagine any number of spatial dimensions which is identical to the logic that my original tenth dimension animation uses. This entry is really a continuation, then, of the ideas we were exploring last time.

You are a Point Within the Omniverse

The first three dimensions are space
But space without time.
Without a fourth dimension to move through
that space is frozen in a particular state.
Saying that "adding a dimension adds a new degree of freedom"
makes perfect sense as we move from the third to the fourth dimension -
Without "time" as one of the two possible directions in the fourth dimension
we have no freedom to move, no freedom to change from state to state.
Now what about the fifth?

Kaluza proved and Einstein agreed that our reality comes from the fifth dimension.
With the fourth dimension, we've pictured a straight line
that points to the past in one direction, and to the future in the other.
Is there only one future? Is there only one wave function
that can possibly be observed for our universe?
If that were true, then we wouldn't need any further degrees of freedom.
But if we are to accept that there are many possible pasts and futures
that connect to our "now" for our universe,
then we need an additional degree of freedom
to be able to appreciate where those additional states lie:
and this project's proposal is that freedom is found by adding the fifth dimension.

Well then...
What degree of freedom is still missing in the fifth dimension?
The freedom to move to versions of our universe
that are logically incompatible
with our current


Physicists like Michio Kaku and Brian Greene
tell us that the wave function for our universe
includes events which are so unlikely to occur
that they would take longer than the life of the universe to happen.
And for our own "now", there are branching futures
that we simply can't get to from here -
but we know that someplace out there
in the set of all possible states for our universe
there is a version where it's 2009 and Elvis is still alive.
The sixth dimension, then, provides us with the additional degree of freedom
that allows us to get to those "impossible" versions of the universe
that are unavailable from our current position
within the spacetime tree of the fifth dimension.

Where do we go from there?
Again, we continue to use the same visualization
as the point-line-plane postulate that we started from.
Seven - is a line from our universe to other universes with different physical laws
Eight - is a plane from our universe to other universes not on the first line
Nine - is the information space for moving from one possible or impossible universe to another

Which brings us to ten.
The omniverse - an infinite set of indeterminate size
Containing every possible state in perfect symmetry
Which, like a pencil perfectly balanced on its tip
Is always read to fall out of that symmetry
and create a pattern of information, a particle
or an entire universe with its wave function of all possible states
Just like the one we find ourselves to be in right now.

Let's sum it up one more time.

Our 3D reality is moving on a 4D line
that is actually twisting and turning in the fifth dimension,
one planck length at a time,
and this is why the 5th dimension and above
appear to be "curled up" from our perspective
down here in spacetime.
Our beautiful universe is being observed
through its fifth-dimensional probability space.
Our beautiful universe is a temporary deviation from symmetry
Which is where it was "before" it began and where it will be "after" it ends.
Which means our beautiful universe is moving towards that enfolded whole
Which is the place where Everything Fits Together and it all balances out
And becomes the point of indeterminate size
That we started from.

And you are a point within the omniverse
and just like Feynman's single electron,
you exist simultaneously
within the enfolded symmetry,
the zero of timelessness, no size, no dimension,
where it all comes from and Everything is Forever.

What I keep coming back to is this amazing universe that we find ourselves in is just a tiny slice of that much bigger "pie" that we call the omniverse, and knowing about the wonderful selection patterns that chose our universe is a cause for wonder and a cause for gratitude. To finish today's entry, here's a song of mine performed by my friend Ron Scott, and it's song 26 of the 26 songs attached to this project. It's called "Thankful".

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Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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Anonymous said...

I was particularly struck by your comment that: "Nine - is the information space for moving from one possible or impossible universe to another".

I was wondering if you could maybe explain this idea of an information space a bit more. Does this apply to any of the lower dimensions, on a smaller scale? That is, could the 5th dimension (or maybe the 6th dimension?) be seen as the information space for the set of coordinates that we think of as time? This ties closely into something I'm working pretty heavily on at the moment (for which your work has been a major inspiration).

Perhaps this idea of information space is discussed more in depth in the book? Anyway, I'd appreciate any directions you could give me for further studies into that area. Thanks!

Rob Bryanton said...

Hi Ian, nice blog. I've posted a link to your blog in my "Interesting Links" section.

Always nice to hear that other people are developing these ideas. Yes, absolutely, with this way of visualizing, every aspect of our reality is ultimately information, and with each lower dimension you are selecting a subset of that data, honing things down finer and finer until you arrive at the 3D world we see around us (and of course you can keep honing down from there to the point of indeterminate size, where we start and end, as I discuss in the today's blog entry).

Here's some other entries you might find helpful in your questions about reality, data, and dimensions, some of which you may not have run across yet. Yes, these ideas are also discussed in my book, but there are definitely lots of additional tangents I've explored in this blog on top of the structures I establish in my book.

Thanks for writing!


Anonymous said...

So with this post and he last one, I noticed that the body of your posts was constructed in a kind of broken prose, almost approaching poetry. Is this how you wrote the original text of the original video, or is this something new? And, I didn't see what the new style accomplished. Was it just a way to help you write?

(Also, I've been showing the video to a few of my friends recently, and they all seemed to like it -- once they got over having their minds blown.)


Rob Bryanton said...

Hi Bryan, I do entries that are a little more free verse/stylized from time to time, thanks for asking. As a creative person it lets me experiment with line breaks to add to the content, adds another layer of meaning. And yes, that's the way I originally wrote it, the line breaks were part of the writing process.

Glad to hear a few more minds were blown out there!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob! I appreciate the press. =)

Will have to check out those other posts of yours, I appreciate you taking the time to collect those for me. And I DO plan on buying the book very soon (am waiting to see how my bank balance looks once the holiday purchases are done before buying anything for myself)

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