Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wecome to Digg and YouTube viewers

A direct link to Ocular Stream's version of my video is at

Yesterday someone posted our tenth dimension site to digg (again!), and it got almost 4500 diggs (that's a lot in digg-land), and Youtube user OcularStream's copy of the original tenth dimension movie got over 100,000 views in the last twenty-four hours. Yikes! What is it about this project that keeps grabbing people?

If you click on youtube's "stats and data" you'll see this video already has some very impressive stats, right now it's the top 5 favorited video of all time in Canada for Education videos!


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John Voorhees said...

I'm going to take credit for this one. :)

I actually posted to Reddit, and someone probably took it from there.

I'm new to all of this ... and the thing I was most startled by was the outright hostility displayed by quite a few physicist types to this paradigm. I wouldn't have thought there'd be any need for defensiveness. I mean, the video is all about imagining the relationships of higher dimensions, and as far as I can tell, physics makes no effort to imagine context. They just want to solve equations.

So where's the conflict?

Rob Bryanton said...

Thanks John, you're probably right about the Reddit link starting this new wave of interest, thanks for that!

And regarding the vitriolic attacks, part of that is the nature of the internet, there are always people wanting to tear things down. But there's more to it than that, and I've written about this in blog entries like "Daily Parrying":

I've always tried to be very careful to say that what I'm presenting is a visualization tool, and I believe it's a highly useful one. All I can do is keep showing the ways that this tool helps us to imagine many other things about our reality and the patterns that create our reality, and hope that eventually the world will come around.

If it's any consolation, the one thing I do notice is there are a great many more people starting to understand the implications of this than there were when the project was first launched in July 2006, so I believe my "tenth dimension meme" is gradually finding more of a foothold.



globetrottr said...

Hey Rob,
Fascinating video. I'm no physicist but I'm curious: what exactly is the Internet?

It seems to me we're compressing the fourth dimension into two on the flat computer screen where we can jump to any point in history. Is this compression of time a visual representation of how our mind works and our history as people?

Is the Internet the fourth dimension? What does this mean? I hope my question is clear.

much respect to you. you're awesome for tackling these issues

Rob Bryanton said...

Hi globetrottr, fascinating question. I've also considered what's happening with the hyper-connected meme space of our modern world, and how that relates to my way of visualizing reality. If you look at the label cloud up at the top of my blog, click on "Googleverse" for some of those discussions. Or here's one of my favorites from that collection:

Thanks for writing!

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