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Changing Reality

A direct link to the above video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCJLRrFTX3Q

Edit: If you go to this link now you can listen to my conversation with Kerrace Alexander. We had a great chat (we talked for almost an hour and a half!) and she offered some wonderful insights. Thank you so much for having me on your show, Kerrace!

Tomorrow I'm going to be interviewed by Kerrace Alexander of Bigfish Strategies. Kerrace is the host of Bigfish Radio: to quote from her website, her program is "an interactive, live Internet talk-radio show that focuses on helping individuals learn to live and love without fear. This show features authors and Holistic Healing Arts practitioners of Cosmic Science, Metaphysics, Evolutionary Consciousness, Astrology, Spiritual Awakening, Ascension and Empowerment."

This seemed like a great opportunity for me to step back and look at what has happened with Imagining the Tenth Dimension since I launched it almost four years ago. The tenth dimension website has now had six million unique visitors and almost 100 million hits since July 2006! I'm continually amazed and thankful for the audience that keeps growing for this project.

Why, people have asked me, did I create this project?

I remember one of the very first negative comments I saw about Imagining the Tenth Dimension was from someone who said "I haven't read the book but it looks like this is yet another get-rich-quick scam from someone saying woo-woo, change your life with the power of the tenth dimension" (italics mine, but I feel sure they were imagining a spooky echo on those last words for added emphasis).

In my blog entry New Book Reviews at Amazon, one of the reviews I quoted was from Australia's Richard Ruff, who had this to say about my book:

In an easily readable style he has boldly taken us past the fourth dimension through to the tenth employing an understandable logic based on geometric considerations. There is no mind-boggling mathematics and there is a distinct absence of the crank/crackpot style; each step along the way is carefully developed in a sequential manner accompanied by readily understandable diagrams. Again, without being too technical, he correlates properties of the unfolding dimensions with predictions and outcomes of modern physics, especially quantum mechanics. Philosophical implications are explored along the way.
Thank you Richard for those kind words! I work hard with this blog and with this project to present these ideas without sensationalizing them. My willingness to talk about such a wide range of topics, including out-of-body experiences as we did last blog entry, ghosts, or predicting the future, does make it easy for mainstream scientists to dismiss my ideas if they wish. But with this project I've also talked often about serious theories and studies that tie into these discussions very easily: epigenetics, the doubled effectiveness of the placebo effect over the last few decades, the holographic universe theory, retro-causality and the biocentric universe theory: these are examples of the mind-blowing new concepts which I've been pleased to show to the many people who are fans of this project, and which show there is much more to our reality than the physical world of atoms and molecules that we see around us.

Up, Up and Away!
In The Fifth-Dimensional Camera Project, we looked at how my project's central idea -- that our reality, our "now" is really being created in the fifth dimension from a fifth-dimensional probability space -- was recently presented in a display created by Jon Ardern and Anab Jain and supervised by scientists from Oxford University. Near the end of my Theatre of the Mind interview with Kelly Howell, we talked about how this important idea of the fifth dimension was accepted by Einstein almost a century ago, and yet never seems to have entered mainstream consciousness: lots of people my age still think The Fifth Dimension is a pop group from the sixties, nothing more.

When talking with Kelly, I suggested that there could be reasons why this information has been suppressed: after all, this shows a way of understanding that free will is not an illusion, and it shows that we each have access to many more possibilities in our life than most of us have been led to believe. As I said in my article for Urban Garden Magazine, this could be why for those in power over the last century, and for those who have been trained to take a grim satisfaction in saying our existence in the universe means nothing, the Fifth Dimension is a Dangerous Idea.

But for a person who has no hope, or sees no way out of the negative loops they're currently stuck within, this project can represent an awakening: and I hear from people every day telling me that Imagining the Tenth Dimension has changed their life and the way they view the world!

As I've said before, The Fifth Dimension Isn't Magic. I believe the fifth dimension represents a constantly changing probability space of multiple pasts and futures that are logically, causally connected to our "now", which is a planck-frame-sized point in the fifth dimension. That means there's already a version of "you" that exists within that probability space ten years from now who is living the most happy and fulfilled life possible. I believe, as Dr. Philip Zimbardo's studies revealed in The Time Paradox, that visualizing that person as already being part of your future can create a strong pull towards that "best possible you" that already exists. Next week, we're going to look at Dr. Vernon Woolf, who has some powerful visualization techniques for actually consulting with that "best possible you" to help you get there.

How Much Control Do We Have?
That's the gigantic question that became Chapter Nine of my book. It's really the trickiest part of this discussion: as we discussed in Beer and Miracles, there are already some stunningly unlikely things about our reality which could lead us to conclude that anything is possible. Recently I came across this uplifting video created by Bryan Walton, who has two websites: Oxygen for the Mind, and Dancing in the Mirror. You'll see that Bryan has lots of podcasts and web materials that relate to the ideas in the following video, as well as focusing on ways for people to remove stress from their lives.

A direct link to the above video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfHjkKmmz0A

In this video Bryan arrives at a way of visualizing the fourth through sixth dimension as a probability- and intention-based manifold encompassing all possible pasts and futures for our universe: I'm pleased to see him advancing this idea since it is central to my own project as well. We've talked a number of times about this in my book and in such entries as Time in Three Dimensions, The Forest, You Are the Point, and What's Around the Corner?.

My animation shows that the quantum wave function for our universe can be thought of as having three dimensions (four through six), just as space has three dimensions (one through three). This can be extended even further by the time we're in a third "triad" that encompasses the Information Equals Reality paradigm and the multiverse landscape of possible universes that can be accessed via the seventh through ninth dimension. We'll talk about a number of different approaches to understanding reality that connect to this idea next time in Three Becomes One.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

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