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Our Universe as a Point

A direct link to the above video is at

"We start with a point" - the first phrase of the animation that vaulted this project to worldwide popularity four years ago.

"We end with a point" - the conclusion that is reached at the end of the same animation. If the tenth dimension in its unobserved state is indeterminate, then it's just like the point we started from.

"You are the point": that was the title of a blog entry I published early this year. If our reality is defined across ten dimensions, then the fifth dimension would be the half-way point, the node of strongest harmonic resonance for all the vibrations and energy that combine together to create the unique "now" that we are each witnessing at this moment. As we've discussed in entries like The Holographic Universe and Holograms and Quanta, realizing that our reality is created through constructive interference at the fifth dimension is the key to understanding all of the wide-ranging ideas that we have been exploring with this project. Einstein believed our reality is defined at the fifth dimension. Do you?

By itself, a point is of indeterminate size and dimension. As we discussed not long ago in One to the Power of Infinity, it's important to realize that indeterminate is not the same as undefined: things that are indeterminate can also be thought of as being true for any value you care to assign to them. What does this mean?

By the time you use a point to indicate a position within a multi-dimensional space, as you imagine all the sizes that the point could be within its indeterminate range of sizes, a circle (2D) or a sphere (3D) is the shape it takes for anything between the infinitely large or the infinitesimally small versions of that point. This logic continues with the additional dimensions: but while we've spent some time in past blogs looking at rotating hypercubes (a hypercube being the 4D equivalent of a 3D cube), we've never looked at the 4D equivalent of a 3D sphere: the hypersphere. Check out these two mind-bending YouTube animations created by WildStar2002.

A direct link to the above video is at

A direct link to the above video is at

In entries like An Expanding 4D Sphere and Finite But Unbounded? we've talked before about these connections between hyperspheres and visualizing the extra dimensions of our reality.

Two entries ago, we discussed our universe within the omniverse, in which we looked at some new scientific theories advanced in the last couple of months suggesting that all possible universes are connected to each other by point-like black holes.

Then last entry we looked at our universe as a dodecahedron. In that blog we returned to the work of Dan Winter, and showed this simple animation from his gigantic goldenproof web page:

After I published my look at the dodecahedron last week, Dan sent me this note:

Nice to have a general intro there. Now you need to add this simple essential statement: after the limited number of axes of rotation which can be contained in cubic lattice (3D),the ONLY way rotating axes of charge can be superposed WITH the necessary constructive wave interference is the way a (5) cube rotates into a dodecahedron, the so called hypercube producing the golden ratio edge is the ONLY next dimension... 4 there. Then by ratcheting that down a helix - precisely mapping dna you have the 5 axes of rotation superposed (5D). Recursive braiding adds spin axes superposed (and longer wavelengths) to that, where thus DNA is the only biologic structure with access to 10+ dimensions.
See how 7 plus 5 makes 12 in dna
The 7 / 5 spin is the essential symmetry recipe (slip knot)
of hydrogen, heart muscle and solar core, as well as dna.
Other interesting pages from Dan's huge body of work include this one on the cause of gravity: , and this one on the source of life: . And finally, if you have 48 minutes you will find an interesting movie on this page showing Dan speaking at a retreat in Spain:

On Dan's goldenproof page, he ties the golden ratio in not just with the Poincaré Dodecahedral Space (which we looked at last time as the underlying shape of our universe), but with other topics we've looked at in the last year or two: Garrett Lisi's E8 rotation (pictured at left), which is a bold framework for showing how all the possible particles and forces of our universe are organized, and which Dan explains also incorporates the golden ratio. On the same page Dan also relates his work to the ideas of Nassim Haramein. I've remarked before that Nassim is fond of dismissing ideas of extra dimensions (including his insistence that the first and second dimension don't exist), which could seem to tell us that his ideas are completely incompatible with mine. Nassim tells us that there is only one dimension, and that our observed universe is connected by "points" to all other realities by fractal patterns that can be infinitely divided or infinitely expanded. Where would such an idea tie in to what we're talking about here? In the fifth dimension, which I've been saying all along is really where our reality is defined, one planck frame at a time, to create the fourth-dimensional "line of time" we look back upon from our vantage point as creatures made of 3D atoms and molecules.

One of the things I've been fond of saying is that "life is any process that is interested in what happens next". With Dan's idea of DNA being the only pattern that connects us to the extra dimensions, we have another interesting way of seeing how our "now" is not riding on the single, constrained train track of our linear one-way arrow of time, but is being created one point after another from a fifth dimensional probability space. Visualizing the extended possibilities of this "now" is something we're going to talk more about next week with something called the Fifth-Dimensional Camera Project.

This Wednesday May 12th I'm going to be interviewed by Kelly Howell on what has become the most downloaded self help podcast on iTunes: Theatre of the Mind. We'll talk more about Theatre of the Mind in our next entry.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton

Edit: Here's some more info about WildStar2002, the creator of the above Hypersphere animations: his name is Burt Clawson, he's from Salt Lake City, UT, and he's a graphic and web design student. Because of his interest in higher-dimensional geometry, he figured out a way to do these Hypersphere animations using MaxScript in 3D Studio max. Thanks, Burt!

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