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Ever hear of...
Ever hear of Dr. Vernon Woolf and Holodynamics? Here's a quote from the Holodynamics website:

We live in a conscious universe where everything is connected and every situation is driven by potential. Every person has a Full Potential Self, the "I" that is connected to hyperspace, and serves as the source of character and meaning to every experience. Holodynamics is the study of the whole dynamic of life and includes every aspect of understanding life - including tools to transform your life, positively affect your relationships, your work, your love life, and in a larger sense the global environment.

Holodynamics views reality as a coherent, dynamic, living, holographic information system whose structure, from micro (smallness) to macro (bigness) is intimately connected with human consciousness. Consciousness is considered a prime condition of the holodynamic universe. It is not limited to a single space-time continuum but emerges from parallel dimensions into a coherent potential for each individual (the fully potentialized self).
Clearly, Dr. Woolf is pursuing many ideas which easily connect to the paths we've been exploring with Imagining the Tenth Dimension. He makes some very bold claims in the following video about what he has already done to change the world using his approach to understanding the nature of reality: as the Conscious Media Network's Regina Merideth says in her introduction to the following video, "Vernon Woolf is a man who is here to change the world, and he has repeatedly put his money and his time where his mouth is. His work helped transform the Soviet Union from a cold war culture to a peace-time culture. He stands beside Palestinians and Israelis and helps them come face to face... and transform their hatred of one another into respect, and even love. Meanwhile, he helps the rest of us find our true fullest potential from within our multi-dimensional mind and spirit."

Ever hear of...
Ever hear of the Quackometer? Developed by Andy Lewis, it's a semi-serious web page that asks you to input the URL for any sites you're wondering about, then analyzes the page for suspicious phrases that might indicate pseudo-science. Looking at the above descriptions, a skeptic might jump to the conclusion that Holodynamics is "using scientific jargon to bamboozle" as the Quackometer site sometimes says about a web page. However, Dr. Vernon Woolf, Ph.D., does have a diverse background from serious science, and holds degrees in Physics, Religious Studies, and Developmental Therapy.

This video is 54 minutes long but I think it's worth watching, there's some very thought-provoking ideas presented here, and Dr. Woolf has lived an amazing life!

A direct link to this video is at

I find it astonishing that he has achieved as much as he has, and yet he's not a household name. I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this fascinating personality.

Enjoy the journey!

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