Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jumping Jesus on YouTube

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Why do some blog entries take off? The story of my blog entry Jumping Jesus really is quite remarkable. I published this entry on October 24th last year. I've been in the habit of publishing a list of what entries received the most entries each month, along with a list of the 26 most-viewed blog entries of all time for this blog. One month after Jumping Jesus was published, when I filed my end of November report on the 26th of that month, a new entry had vaulted to the top: Jumping Jesus. Remarkably, the entry was not only the most-viewed entry of the month, but the response to that entry was so overwhelming that it in four short weeks it had become my most popularly-viewed entry of all time, a position which it continues to occupy today.

No question, the cheeky irreverence of Robert Anton Wilson's name for this accelerating information stream we're all having to deal with now was a contributing factor to the success of this entry. But a cheeky title will only get you so far: there still needs to be some entertainment value or some engaging content for an entry to succeed like this. Thank you, Tenth Dimension fans, for your vote of support for this particular entry!

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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