Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You are a Point at the Center of Spacetime

A direct link to the above video is at

A direct link to the above video is at

This newly published video accompanies a text blog entry from early this year, called You are the Point. It shows various ways of thinking about how you or I are each right at the center of our own version of the spacetime universe, smack dab in the middle of the gigantic spacetime bubble that physicists call the cosmological horizon. With this entry I show how this way of thinking can be extended up and down through the dimensions, and as we said last time in Flow and the Now, all of these different seemingly incompatible approaches make sense when we accept the conclusion that our "now" is really a constantly moving series of points within the fifth dimension. Each point is causally connected to the next, but the probability space of the fifth dimension shows us that there are always a huge number of potential "what happens next" points that we can't connect to from any particular position within our 5D spacetime tree.

One thing people can have trouble wrapping their heads around is the idea that with each new "point" it seems that the number of possible versions of our universe is increasing exponentially. This is not as daunting as it seems: because all of these points are causally connected, with each new "frame" there are always a certain number of what-happens-next points which cease to become available because of the outcome that has just been observed. This is just as true at the tiny quantum level as it is up here in the macro world, because the two are really all part of a single continuum. To use a macro-world example, if I lose my leg in a car accident, there are suddenly a huge number of next possible versions of the universe which become unavailable to me from that moment forward. Yes, there are new possibilities that now become available as well, but it's important to remember that all of these different possible but logically incompatible outcomes are not connected to our current 5D point. That additional degree of freedom, to connect the Rob-has-two-legs universes with the Rob-has-one-leg universes, is afforded by the next dimension up: the sixth dimension.

By the time we're visualizing the dimensions in this way, we can begin to see how the sixth dimension in its entirety is a landscape containing all possible outcomes for our particular universe. As a point at the very center of spacetime, each of us is not expanding our 5D spacetime tree with each action taken or each random outcome observed: rather, we are navigating through this timeless 6D landscape where everything that can happen has already happened, right from the beginning to the end of this amazing universe we find ourselves to be within.

To finish, here's a video for my song that celebrates the idea of taking this timeless whole that for our universe is the sixth dimension in its entirety and treating that as a single point in the seventh dimension, continuing a simple logical process that began with a point and ends with a point across all of the spatial dimensions.

A direct link to the above video is at

Enjoy the journey,

Rob Bryanton

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JayyVee said...

Terrific walk-through of this concept Ron - Following the thought that we are the center of our universe from our perspective (and that any being anywhere in the universe would perceive the same viewpoint of centrality) - is this because of our 'Now' snapshot, or are we limited to this by our existence in the 4D motion of our physical being? When I think of us as being the 'center' of our viewpoint of the universe, I instantly think of the idea of a 'black hole'. Is it possible for us to one day conceive of an 'escape' from our 'viewpoint', our 'point' on this line of existence to experience other views?

Again the idea of our 'view' of the universe being centralistic again causes me to think about how black holes work..

You might appreciate this entry of my own on black holes within us. Maybe there 'is' a way for us to change our 'viewpoint' if we can focus the energy of our own internal black holes?

Josh said...

I think what is meant by saying we are the center of the universe, is that inside infinity and eternity, where ever you are or wherever you place the point, the point is the center of infinity. If you flew at the speed of light in one direction forever, you'd end up at the same place you took off, except in the distant future. This is because 3D space is infinite from within the third dimension. But outside of the third dimension, 3D space is finite, but 4D space-time would be eternal, endlessly moving away from the singularity.

What I'm saying is, no matter where you are on the surface of a 3-sphere, you are in the center of that that 3-sphere, i.e the universe, infinity. But that 3-sphere is still a 3-sphere, which resides within an even larger infinity.

isomorphsmes said...

But from relativity we know that the only "fixable" frame of reference is any given photon (or, alternatively, the direct sum of all photons). So how can a person be at the "centre"?

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